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Daily Sports Smile: Micah Parsons plays rock, paper, scissors with fans


Micah Parsons lostwhen the Dallas Cowboys were squashedby the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 1. But adefeat bythe hands of Tom Brady’s Bucs wasn’t the only real lossof the night time forthe Pro Bowl linebacker.

Parson engaged in multiple games of rock, paper, scissors with fans. The NFL posted the interaction onits official Twitter account Sunday, showing the Pro Bowl linebacker walking around fans clamoring for his attention. Heproceededto pound his fist in his hand and challengeda young fan to the overall game. They both select scissors. In thesecond round, the child’s paper beats Parsons’ rock.

“I took two Ls in a single night smh!” Parsons wrote on Twitter, resharing the video to his account.

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The defensive star walked down aline, playing some more gameswith the youngsters before going for a selfie with the group.

He also had a reply for the Cowboys fans who want he would become more sad about starting the growing season having an loss.

“They’ll never understand!” Parsons replied to a fan who supported him after someone questioned why the NFL would post any such thing in regards to a player who just lost. “I saw about 20 kids wearing an 11 jersey! If me taking 2 minutes of my entire life inspires 1-3 of these to be better or be great!! Ill take action! Life, faith, and hope is merely so much larger than the. Game!!”

Parsons sackedTom Brady twice Sunday, making him the fastest player in NFL history to rack in 15 sacks doing this in 17 games.

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