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Daredevil: Born Again Star Charlie Cox on Appearing in She-Hulk, What things to Expect from the Disney+ Series

Daredevil: Born Again star Charlie Cox has exposed about adapting his Matt Murdock in She-Hulk: Lawyer, how dark the Disney+ series could be, and what else fans can get when it arrives in 2024.

Talking with IGN during D23 Expo 2022, Cox shared his applying for grants whether Daredevil: Born Again would follow the Frank Miller Born Again comic book run. While he claims he doesn’t know a proven way or another, he did share he thinks the title is more of an indicator that this is really a new start for the type that began his life on Netflix and is currently moving to Disney+.

“Great question, I have no idea,” Cox said whenever we asked him if Daredevil: Born Again would follow Miller’s run. “I don’t believe this means we’re gonna tell the Frank Miller story of Born Again in the comics. I don’t believe this means that. I believe it means that people made the show, it ended, and today we’re making another show. It is a perfect title.”

Within an interview with Variety, Cox discussed the tone of the new series and gave fans a little sense of how it’ll change from the Netflix’s Daredevil.

“I dont understand that it’ll be any longer darker or any less dark,” Cox said of Daredevil: Born Again when compared to Netflix series. “What does dark mean? You will have a tonal shift Im sure because were doing more episodes and were now on another platform. I dont know, I havent read anything yet.”

Cox did reveal he changed up his portrayal of Matt Murdock for his appearance in She-Hulk: Lawyer to fit the various tone of this show.

“That which was fun about being in She-Hulk because of this one episode is… obviously the tone of the show is radically different, and for it to be befitting me to stay that show, I had to adapt a bit my Matt Murdock so he was in a location in his life where hes having a great time,” Cox thought to Variety. “Where life is good and hes a little cheeky and a little flirty and its own tonally slightly different. It had been a little bit of an experiment, nonetheless it really was enjoyable, and I must say i had a great time, and the chemistry I had with Tatiana was amazing. So, should they do lighten the tone a bit, Im not afraid of this.”

While this might give us a hint concerning how Matt Murdock will act in Daredevil: Born Again, Cox doesn’t think that a Matt Murdock going full slapstick will be the right choice.

“Not during the period of a whole season, not with this particular character,” Cox told Variety. “I dont think thats truthful enough to the foundation material for that to essentially work. But, there are many Daredevil comics where there’s levity, there’s light-heartedness, there’s fun, and I believe with 18 episodes you have time and energy to do a little bit of both.”

Lastly, Cox discussed how obtaining the call from Kevin Feige to become listed on the MCU and Spider-Man: NO CHANCE Home was truly special and how it resulted in his NY life never being exactly the same.

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“My entire life has changed since having a telephone call with Mr. Feige,” Cox thought to Variety. “That one scene in Spider-Man also it now feels as though there exists a different degree of appreciation and recognition. Considering its one scene, its been shocking. You understand, its funny, because in advance, I reside in NY, Im on [Netflix’s Daredevil], its a beloved character. You walk outside and folks are like, Whats up, Daredevil! However now, its like people know my name.”

During D23, it had been also revealed that Daredevil: Born Again will contain 18 episodes and that it’ll start filming in 2023. For more from D23, have a look at our roundup of the Disney and Pixar Studio Showcase, the Marvel, Star Wars, and 20th Century Studio Showcase, and the Disney and Marvel Games Showcase.

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