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Daredevils new MCU suit revealed in She-Hulk promotional video

She-Hulk: Lawyer hits Disney Plus on August 18th, and Marvel is in the ultimate stage of promoting another MCU adventure. The studio just released a fresh She-Hulk promotional video featuring a lot of action and some exciting cameos, including Charlie Coxs Daredevil.

Not just that, however the MCUs Daredevil includes a new suit featuring yellow and red colors as opposed to the red and black we saw on Netflix. Actually, some spoilers might follow.

The MCUs Daredevil differs

The Daredevil series that debuted on Netflix is now streaming on Disney Plus, however the events of this series arent necessarily canon to the MCU. We heard a lot of rumors that Marvel would reboot the show, and Kevin Feige finally acknowledged it last month. Daredevil: Born Again can be an 18-episode series that may premiere on Disney Plus in the spring of 2024.

Charlie Coxs go back to the character is not any longer a secret. Matt Murdock was among the best cameos of Spider-Man: NO CHANCE Home, a secret that leaked prior to the films release. In interviews that followed the films premiere, the actor wouldn’t normally confirm how many other MCU projects he might come in after NO CHANCE Home.

Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock in Marvels Daredevil on Netflix. Image source: Netflix

However now that the Comic-Con announcement has gone out, its clear that Daredevil is here now to stay for a long time.

This Man Without Fear isnt exactly the Matt Murdock from the Netflix Television show. The multiverse gives us easy and simple explanation for everything. Daredevil can feel familiar due to those Netflix shows. However the MCU variant will never be linked to the events for the reason that show.

How come Daredevil in She-Hulk?

In the same way NO CHANCE Home hit theaters last December, we saw reports that Daredevil can look in She-Hulk. Both Matt Murdock and Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) are lawyers. And both of these might represent superheroes every once in awhile. But only She-Hulk will undoubtedly be open about also being truly a superhero.

Having said that, we’ve no idea how Walters and Murdock will meet. She-Hulk plot leaks said both will face one another in court. And they may have a relationship. We dont have significantly more information regarding that. And the brand new She-Hulk promo doesnt give us any information regarding their relationships.

But Marvel is not any longer holding the Daredevil secret back.

Daredevil (Charlie Cox) appears in his new yellow suit in She-Hulk promo.
Daredevil (Charlie Cox) appears in his new yellow suit in She-Hulk TV promo. Image source: Marvel Studios

The brand new promo does reveal that the MCU Daredevil could have a slightly different color scheme for his suit. This will serve as another indication which were looking at another Daredevil. The suit has yellow and red, as seen above. It is possible to compare it to the Netflix Daredevil suit observed in the next image.

Whats also clear from the She-Hulk promo is that Daredevil and She-Hulk will undoubtedly be fighting together or against one another in it show. The scene above is truly a continuation of the ultimate scene in the Comic-Con trailer. But Marvel never showed Daredevils suit for the reason that one.

You can view the most recent 30-second She-Hulk TV ad, filled with the rest of the amazing MCU cameos below.

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