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Dark Fantasy Manga The Witch and the Beast Inspires Anime

Looking for a twisted fairytale with witches, beasts, and mysterious creatures? Then search no further as the Witch and the Beast may be the one for you personally.

In that one, the roles have already been reversed as witches will be the villains and beasts will be the saviors. Guideau is really a girl with fangs and a beasts eyes, and Asaph is really a soft-spoken mysterious man carrying a coffin on his back.

Both of these not-so-human entities are pursuing a wicked witch who has successfully made the townsfolk believe shes their hero.

If youre not just a manga reader, then you don’t need to worry about really missing out because the Witch and the Beast receives an anime adaptation.

Animation decision!!

#Witch and the Beast has finally been converted to an anime!

Many thanks very much to all or any the fans who always support me!! Follow-up information will undoubtedly be released later, so please anticipate it

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I dont think enough could be said about Guideau and Asaph, but Ill accidentally spill some major spoilers easily keep discussing them. So lets move ahead to the hero witch instead.

Ione, the witch, is definately not being truly a hero. She harbors malicious intentions which are fueled by revenge. Whats worse is that she also manipulates an innocent girl Marie to greatly help her in her plans and later betrays her trust too.

Guideau and Asaph plan to look for Ione before she can inflict irreversible damage out and eventually the planet.

Very little has been revealed concerning the anime adaptation, like its premiere, cast, staff, and much more. Theyre yet to finalize those decisions, and we would get some good information by the following month.

Until then, we are able to wait patiently and expect the initial look as a visual or teaser.

CONCERNING THE Witch and the Beast

The Witch and the Beast (Majo to Yaj) is really a dark fantasy manga series by Kousuke Satake. It started serialization inYoung Magazine in November 2016, moved to Monthly Young Magazine in-may 2021, and in addition comes with an anime adaptation under production.

It follows a beast-like girl Guideau and a mysterious man with a coffin, Asaph, on the way to look for a witch who’s hailed as a hero.

Source: Monthly Young Magazines September Issue

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