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Data Integration Platform Dataddo Launches First-Ever Free Plan without Extraction Limits

Mountain View, CA, September 17, 2022 –(–Dataddo, an SaaS startup that delivers an automated, no-code data integration platform, today announced the launch of its Free planthe first-ever free data integration plan without extraction limits. It is a no-investment method for any professional, irrespective of technical skill, to gain access to and start dealing with data from disparate sources. The program comes as a reply to company cultural obstacles that hinder adoption of data initiatives within organizations across industries, such as for example low data literacy.

For at the very least the final five years, the grand most leading companies across industries has been buying data initiatives, with the percentage today being as high as 97%. Yet only 26.5% of the companies claim to really be data-driven.

Mounting evidence shows that the primary reason because of this discrepancy is company culture, meaning both insufficient executive buy-in on initiatives and insufficient employee confidence in data skills. In a recently available survey by Accenture of 9,000 employees from companies across industries, nearly three quarters of respondents (74%) claimed to feel overwhelmed or unhappy whenever using data. That is critical because, as Gartner states, the true drivers of [data-driven culture] will be the people.

Dataddos free plan aims to greatly help businesses overcome these obstacles by rendering it easier to allow them to share data and familiarize employees with visualization tools before buying paid tools. In larger companies, the program also can be utilized to check the validity of any data model on a little scale before deploying it fully in a data warehouse. The program may be the first free data integration anticipate the marketplace that puts no cap on extraction limits, also it may be used for an unlimited time period.

Beneath the plan, subscribers can access any ten of Dataddos 200+ connectors and automate the synchronization of any level of marketing, sales, financial, along with other cloud data to around three dashboarding applications and/or Google Sheets weekly. The business supplies a growing library of free templates for popular dashboarding applications, enabling professionals with any degree of data skill to start out analyzing immediately.

The Dataddo platform is made for non-technical business professionals. But its also incredibly friendly to engineers since it allows them to utilize low-level platform operations via an API should they have to, says Dataddo founder and CEO Petr Nemeth.

Included in the engineering layer of the platform is proprietary anomaly detection technology and automatic format harmonization which makes unstructured data dashboard-ready for business teams, and easier for engineers to control in downstream systems. For more complex insights, users can conveniently merge datasets from multiple systems directly in the Dataddo app before exporting them to a dashboard.

Dataddo is launching its free plan in parallel with the rollout of reverse ETL functionality, in addition to a headless data integration product, that allows enterprises to create their very own data products along with the unified Dataddo API. They are additions to the platforms existing ETL, ELT, and database replication functionalities.

Once businesses outgrow our free plan, there is absolutely no limit to just how much further they are able to scale up integration. If they are just needs to analyze data in Google Sheets or prepared to integrate our API to their own app, Dataddo supports companies at every stage of data maturity, Nemeth continues.

In addition to the free plan and Headless Data Integration, Dataddo offers two scalable paid plans: Data to Dashboards and Data Anywhere. The former is really a fully-fledged version of the free plan; it allows subscribers to sync data to a lot more than three visualization tools, and unlocks more platform features and direct support. The latter additionally enables subscribers to send data to warehouses, between warehouses, and from warehouses back to apps (reverse ETL). Custom pricing plans can be found on request.

The platform is SOC 2 Type II certified and compliant with all major data privacy laws around the world, including ISO 27001, GDPR for Europe, CCPA and HIPAA in america, LGPD for Brazil, POPIA for South Africa, and much more.


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