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Dave Grohl and Aimee MannLive

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In this weeks bout of THE BRAND NEW Yorker Radio Hour, we hear two conversations from the newest New Yorker Festival. Dave Grohl, whose memoir is The Storyteller, shares accounts from his life before and after Nirvana, and explains how he formed their own band, Foo Fighters. Then Aimee Mann talks with Atul Gawande about singing, songwriting, and human needs amid the pandemic. She also performs several songs from her latest album, Queens of the summertime Hotel.

This episode was originally aired November 26, 2021.

Dave Grohls Tales of Life and Music

The Foo Fighters front man, whose recent memoir may be the Storyteller, shares accounts from his life before and after Nirvana with the staff writer Kelefa Sanneh.

Aimee Mann Live, with Atul Gawande

The singer-songwriter discusses and performs songs from her recent album, that was inspired partly by the best-selling memoir Girl, Interrupted.

THE BRAND NEW Yorker Radio Hour is really a co-production of WNYC Studios and THE BRAND NEW Yorker.

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