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David Beckham gets emotional at Queens coffin after waiting in hours-long line

David Beckham was one of the numerous mourners waiting in the long line to see Queen Elizabeths coffin lying in state in London on Friday.

The famed soccer player, 47, was seen getting at risk to Westminster Hall to see the coffin, telling BBC he waited just over 12 hours.

Once he got inside, Beckham was very emotional and seen wiping away tears.

David Beckham queuing to pay respect to the Queen, Credit:GRAHAM STONE / Avalon (Credit Image: © Graham Stone/Avalon via ZUMA Press)
Royal mourners caught sight of David Beckham on the queue into Westminster Hall in London on Friday.

Most of us desire to be here together and experience and celebrate the amazing life of our queen. I believe that something similar to this today here together is intended to be shared, Beckham told reporters beyond your Hall.

Beckham said he’s got been sharing food with the mourners around him while at risk. He also noted how he’s got experienced the queue for approximately 12 hours and also joked about his knees and back hurting while hes waiting.

Most of the mourners have spent around 14 hours standing in line to cover their respects to the late monarch.

However, his surprise appearance caused a delay in the queue with many fans crowding around him to obtain a photo with him.

Beckham was seen wearing a dark blue hat and an extended black coat beyond your hall and joined the line early today.

Viewers also noticed the footballers presence on social media marketing, tweeting glimpses of his appearance.

David Beckham, queuing to start to see the queen lying in state (and perhaps still longing for a glimpse at a knighthood), one wrote alongside a far-off snap of Beckham.

Another added: The queue is currently filled with people attempting to photograph David Beckham and forgetting to really move onwards.

Much excitement as David Beckham came by he’s got been queuing for a lot more than 12 hours with everyone, noted a fan.

Said one user: David in the queue with ordinary people to cover his respects fair play fella.

The queen died on Sept. 8 at age 96, after 70 years of serving the British people.

Everyone has had the opportunity to see the coffin on Wednesday. It’ll remain open for 24 hours every day before closing at 6: 30 a.m. on Sept. 19 your day of the queens state funeral.

David Beckham
The soccer star caused a significant commotion at risk to start to see the coffin when fans caught wind of his presence.

A large number of sad citizens have already been standing to state goodbye with the federal government expecting at the very least 750,000 people this week.

Mourners must get yourself a wristband to become listed on the line, with water fountains and portable toilets placed along the way for relief.

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