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David Schwimmer Tried to Recreate Jennifer Aniston’s Steamy Shower Pic

preview for Jennifer Aniston's Smoothie Breakfast Recipe

Jennifer Anistons long-lived reputation as a hair icon has finally culminated in her individual haircare line, LolaVie, and the actress just shared a steamy shower pic to tease her latest product launch.

Somethings coming 9.8.22, she captioned the post. If the shower setting didnt tip you off, the newbies on the LolaVie block are, actually, shampoo and conditioner. The Restorative Shampoo cleanses with vegetable ceramides and botanical extracts, while B vitamins repair the appearance of existing damage. The Restorative Conditioner hydrates and repairs with a vegan keratincomplex and botanical extracts from coconut, jackfruit, and orange.

Fans and LolaVie devotees are beyond excited to include the bottles with their routines, alongside the Perfecting Leave-In, Glossing Detangler, and Lightweight Hair Oil. Cannot wait! one individual commented. Beyond excited because of this launch!! Forever pleased with you Jen!!! another added. Eeeekkkkk!!! another person wrote.

Even Anistons best pal and Friends co-star David Schwimmer joined the excitement by hilariously recreating Anistons sudsy shower pic. In his shot, he posed under his shower head with soap in his eyes. Giving an answer to Anistons caption of somethings coming, he wrote: @jenniferaniston a towel I am hoping??

Aniston seemed in on the joke. Schwim!? Attempting to steal my thunder!? she commented. Fans loved the interaction.

The September 8 launch of LolaVies shampoo and conditioner marks the one-year anniversary of the brands debut. The Morning Show star previously told British Vogue that development started five years priorshe isnt messing around with one of these all-natural formulas.

I was inspired to generate products that promote healthy hair and which are multifunctionallike a Swiss Army knife but while performing these functions, they wont damage your own hair, she said. While dealing with another brand years back, I acquired the bug to getting to go behind the scenes and developing products, including selecting ingredients and creating formulas, as well as the marketing that goes alongside it. I simply loved the procedure and wished to take action in a more meaningful way as a brandname founder.

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