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Daz 3D Announces League Of Legendary Lions NFT Collection

Daz 3D are Web3 trail-blazers. Specialising in NFT strategy, marketing, and full-stack development, this digital art company has collaborated with iconic brands like Coca-Cola, Champion, and Warner Bros. In 2021 Daz partnered with RTFKT (now Nike) to create 3D utility to Clone X. Then in 2022, the NFT innovators dropped Non-Fungible People, an NFT assortment of 8,888 3D Women & Non-Binary folks. Now Daz 3D reaches it again and contains just announced their latest high-octane PFP collection: the League of Legendary Lions.

Three League of Legendary Lions PFPs
Three League of Legendary Lions PFPs

Daz 3Ds latest NFT offering: The League of Legendary Lions

Comprised of 7000 3D rendered PFP NFTs, each League of Legendary Lions is strikingly unique. You can mint a lion in flames, a gold-plated lion, as well as an Egyptian Pharaoh. If youre extremely lucky you may mint among the 10 1:1 lions, each with unique traits. Although each PFP is individual each of them share one common value: these lions will be the best of the greatest at what they do, plus they are not afraid showing it. The lions wear their manes with pride, showing their power and solidarity, and showcasing their beautiful community.

It is possible to mint your lion on GameStop NFT Marketplace for 0.05ETH. League of Legendary Lions will undoubtedly be released in phases. The initial phase checking on Friday, August 26th, so enter when you can!

The League of Legendary Lions Lore

All great NFT collections have a back story, and Daz 3D has given us a belter. Based on the lore, legend says that since way back when, the ancient city of Mammalia home of the lions has been kept hidden. No more attempting to hide in the shadows they need the planet to see them and hear their roar. Among all of the prides in Mammalia, the League of the Legendary Lions stands that beats all others. They are the best, proudest versions of themselves.

League of Legendary Lions Twitter post
Mammalia is really a new and exciting world

With incredible artwork and vibrant community connections, what more would you ask for? If you need to join the pride and take your spot on the list of lions, monitor their Twitter for minting dates.

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Koko is really a writer originally from Wales, now surviving in Australia. Koko is inspired by the creativity and innovation of Web3, and contains previously worked within NFT born brands. With passions lying in both creativity and mental-wellness, Koko can be a professional Therapist, and is captivated by the area between which self-love and creativity meet.

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