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Deal Alert: Score a couple of Apple AirPods Max Heaphones for only $369.99

The Apple AirPods Max is most likely function as nicest couple of headphones you’d ever wear. It’s undeniably engineered to the best standards, pumps out audiophile quality sound, boasts impressive active noise cancellation, feels comfortable to wear even during long listening marathons, and appears like a veritable masterpiece of design. Unfortunately, the Apple AirPods Max may also run you a fairly penny having an MSRP of $549. That’s not the type of money a lot of people would be ready to throw around for a set of headphones. Fortunately, there are always a couple of methods to score the best couple of these headphones at a lower price.

Apple AirPods Max Headphones (Apple Certified Reconditioned) for $369.99

Apple AirPods Max

Apple Certified Reconditioned

Apple AirPods Max

Today, Woot includes a couple of Apple Certified Reconditioned AirPods Max headphones for $369.99, a hefty $170 (33%) price drop from the initial MSRP of $549. Woot states these Apple Certified refurbs appear practically completely new and so are shipped in a custom padded brown box. They add a 90-day limited Woot warranty. Woot itself is owned by Amazon, to get free shipping if you are an Amazon Prime member. Around this post, every color except Silver is for sale.

Apple AirPods Max Headphones (New) for $429

Apple AirPods Max

If you’d like to buy a completely new couple of Apple AirPods Max, then Amazon will have the cheapest price. At this time it’s $429, a not insignifcant $120 (22%) price drop in comparison to buying it from the Apple Store. Since Amazon can be an authorized reseller, you’ll receive the full 12 months Apple warranty. Around this post, every color aside from Space Gray is for sale.

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