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Dee Snider includes a message for ‘MAGAT FASCISTS’ about his Twisted Sister song and censorship (reality checks ensue)

President Bidens non-unity speech yesterday evening in Rockville, Maryland featured some slams on MAGA Republicans, and that continued today with White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre discussing which Republicans are apparently semi-fascist, whatever that means:

REPORTER: “The president yesterday suggested that Republican ideology is veering towards ‘semi-fascism’ A lot more than 70 million Americans voted for Trump in 2020. Does he not respect those voters?”

KJP: “I believe he was pretty clear and he was very powerful yesterday evening.” (@townhallcom) August 26, 2022

Thats an unbelievable accusation from the those who are attempting to bypass Congress and unconstitutionally and unilaterally cancel education loan debt. But projection is all of the Biden administration has at this stage.

Regardless, accusations of fascism are actually flying fast and furious, and also former Twisted Sister singer Dee Snider gets in on the action having an apparent mention of the censorship efforts his band (among others) saw in the 1980s:


Twisted Sister was among bands who came beneath the microscope of the Parents Music Resource Center committee in the 1980s, and when Sniders wanting to say that has been run by right-wingers hes now comparing to Trump supporters, that wasnt the truth of the problem at all.

I recall you in Congress, Dee, arguing and only free speech because Democrats wished to censor you. Now you’re shilling for all those same Democrats that are in power.

Aldous Huxley’s Ghost (@AF632) August 26, 2022

Its funny how recently you were before congress crying about free speech Because liberals wished to censor music. Now you’re here claiming you’re among those

My my my, the way the not mighty have fallen

Space Woman Spiff (@BellaPelosi) August 26, 2022

Is Snider attempting to compare todays MAGA Republicans to the music censorship push in the 1980s that has been led by Tipper Gore?

It had been the Democrats that tried to silence and sticker Dees album and art. He doesnt understand his audience or his message at all.

Chris Loesch (@ChrisLoesch) August 26, 2022

Oh right, the notorious Republican Tipper Gore and her husband wished to ban you. I could see why you would be angry at them. Dullard

Physics Geek (@physicsgeek) August 26, 2022

Its amazing how easily some can make alternate pasts so that they align with an ongoing desired worldview.


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