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Dell Just Launched a far more Affordable Version of Its Stunning Webcam



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The Dell Pro Webcam on a computer monitor.

Dell is back with a fresh webcam, which time, it doesnt cost an arm and a leg. The all-new Dell Pro Webcam is really a cheaper option to last yearsUltrasharp Webcam, supplying a QHD resolution, HDR support, motion tracking, a noise-canceling microphone, and much more for $135.

In place, the brand new Dell Pro Webcam offers the majority of the Ultrasharp Webcams features for $65 less. The primary difference may be the resolution. While last years Ultrasharp Webcam captures 4K video, the brand new Ultrasharp Webcam caps out at aQHD 2560 x 1440Dell calls this 2K resolution for simplicitys sake, but its actually an increased resolution than standard 2K.

Another notable downgrade may be the narrower65- or 78-degree FOV, down from 90 degrees in the 4K model. And for reasons uknown, Dell went with a USB-A cable in the brand new Pro Webcammaybe the business expects one to plug this webcam right into a dock or perhaps a monitors built-in USB port.

Much like the Ultrasharp Webcam, the brand new Pro Webcam includes a barrel-shaped design and will permanently rest near the top of your monitor. In addition, it includes a privacy shutter and works withDell Peripheral Manager, used to regulate webcam settings.

The Dell Pro Webcam can be acquired today for $135. For what its worth, Dell says that webcam is certified for both Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Source: Dell via Windows Central

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