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Dell XPS Desktop (8950) review: Excellent upgradeable performance

The Dell XPS series has long offered premium performance in a package which could easily fit into any professional or home environment. The most recent model, the Dell XPS Desktop (8950) continues that trend, with upgraded silicon beneath the hood, and a facelift that keeps its scaled-back look, but adds a supplementary touch of class.

The brand new XPS Desktop can be ultra-upgradeable, and also highly user-upgradeable too. Which means that its more future-proof than a lot of its competitors. And, with respect to the specs you obtain, it starts at a comparatively affordable $749 though our review unit costs a lot a lot more than that.

May be the Dell XPS Desktop (8950) the go-to pc?

Dell XPS Desktop (8950)

Rating: 4 Stars

The Dell XPS Desktop (8950) offers excellent performance and a huge amount of upgrade options, and yes it has a stylish design.

BGR may get a commission

Dell XPS Desktop (8950) Main

BGR may get a commission


  • Great performance
  • Stylish design
  • Good port selection
  • Upgradeable

Dell XPS Desktop (8950) design

The brand new style of the Dell XPS Desktop has been redesigned. It still supplies the relatively scaled-back design, no you might assume that its a gaming desktop regardless of the power beneath the hood. The computer comes in both a Night Sky and a Platinum Silver. Were reviewing the Platinum Silver model, and I that can compare with it.

More important compared to the overall look, needless to say, will be the ports and theres an excellent collection of ports available here. On leading, youll get an Sdcard slot, headphone jack, three USB 3.2-A ports, and something USB 3.2-C port. On the trunk, youll get a straight larger selection, including six audio ports, a DisplayPort 1.4 port, and some more USB ports. Add the ports from your own graphics card, and you also shouldnt really go out of ports here. I really do wish there have been several Thunderbolt 4 ports though.

Dell XPS Desktop (8950) DesignImage source: Christian de Looper for BGR

The computer is approximately as large as you’ll expect. It measures in at around 15 inches tall, almost 7 inches wide, and almost 17 inches deep. In the event that you curently have a pc, that one should easily fit into exactly the same spot.

Checking the computer is not too difficult, and that means it is simpler to upgrade down the road. To open it, youll unscrew the trunk latch, then pull the latch release a the medial side panel.

Dell XPS Desktop (8950) specs and performance

Beneath the hood, the bottom style of the Dell XPS Desktop (8950) offers an Intel Core i5-12400 processor, in conjunction with 8GB of RAM and a 256GB solid-state drive. But you can find dozens of choices for upgrades, including up to 1000W PSU, which might make it simpler to upgrade down the road. Our review model comes with an Intel Core i5-12600K processor, with 16GB of RAM and an RTX 3060 Ti graphics card.

Dell XPS Desktop (8950) InternalImage source: Christian de Looper for BGR

Among the best reasons for having this computer is that its in a position to accommodate full-sized graphics cards, alongside liquid cooling for the CPU.

As you may have the ability to tell, our review configuration isnt the most upgraded style of the XPS Desktop, nonetheless it was still absolutely in a position to hold its. The computer excelled at productivity tasks, but because of the RTX 3060 Ti, it had been also a trusted gaming machine that has been easily in a position to handle 1,080p video on top quality. Sure, the fans definitely got just a little loud sometimes, however, not overly so and youll get accustomed to the noise.

Dell XPS Desktop (8950) Rear PortsImage source: Christian de Looper for BGR

With regards to benchmarks, listed below are the scores that people achieved:

  • GeekBench 5 CPU: 1,785 single-core, 10,862 multi-core
  • GeekBench 5 Compute OpenCL: 119,458
  • CineBench R23 CPU: 1,876 single-core, 16,267 multi-core

They are excellent scores, and show the XPS Desktop to be capable at almost all tasks in 2022. It doesnt quite match famous brands the Mac Studio in multi-core performance, however the graphics capabilities clearly outperform Apples best, because of the RTX 3060 Ti.


BGR Gold Award 2022

The Dell XPS Desktop (8950) can be an extremely capable pc that excels at any task it is possible to throw at it, according to the specifications that you choose. The bottom model will undoubtedly be fine, but most would want to upgrade to a discrete graphics card and anyone who does will undoubtedly be extremely happy.

Your competition

There’s a substantial amount of competition, however the XPS Desktop has the capacity to outperform a lot of it. If youre in Apples ecosystem, the Mac Studio is just about the strategy to use, though it really is more costly. Alternatively, it might be worth looking into the Alienware Aurora R13, that provides more of a gamer aesthetic. In the event that you dont desire to opt for Apple, or dont value the gamer-focused design, then your Dell XPS Desktop (8950) is a great choice.

MUST I choose the Dell XPS Desktop (8950)?

Yes. Its a fantastic computer which should last you a long time.

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