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Digger Back and Digitally Remastered (1998)

Loving will be easy if your colours were like my dreams,

Red, Gold and Green,

Red, Gold and Green.

- Karma Chameleon, Culture Club, 1983.


Digger was originally developed by Windmill software in 1983 and released as a copy-protected, bootable 5.25″ floppy disk for the IBM PC. Since it requires a genuine CGA card, it didn’t focus on modern PCs.

In 1998, I created Digger Remastered, which runs on all PCs with CGA or better and plays similar to the original. In addition, it has many new features, including:

  • Exit button
  • Optional VGA graphics
  • Recording and playback
  • Real-time speed control
  • Keyboard redefinition
  • Gauntlet mode
  • Two player simultaneous mode


Welcome to the state website of Digger Remastered. Here you’ll find everything Digger-related you should possibly want. When you are here it is possible to:

Incorporated with each version of the overall game is really a text file which contains some of the info out of this site.

Help wanted

As is abundantly clear from the tumbleweeds on the What’s New page, I don’t possess much free time to work on Digger right now. The Digger community desparately needs someone new to dominate the project, update the web site and do some essential development on the overall game itself.

Are you currently see your face?

This site was The 80s Server’s “Totally Awesome site of your day” on January 25th, 1999.

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