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Digiday+ Research: Brands confidence in marketing channels doesnt fall into line with ad spend

When brands are organizing out their marketing spend, it only is practical they spend across channels proportionally to how confident they’re that those channels will drive marketing success. Right?

But brands confidence across marketing channels doesnt quite fall into line with the direction they allocate their marketing budgets, in accordance with Digiday+ Research, which surveyed brand professionals come early july because of its State of hawaii report.

With regards to marketing spend, Google dominates in comparison to competing channels. Nearly 60% of the 29 brand respondents to Digidays survey said they spend a big part of their marketing budgets on Google. Notably, TV came in the No. 2 spot among respondents before both Facebook and Instagram. Almost a third of brands said TV gets a big part of their marketing budgets, while Facebook and Instagram came in at nearer to 25 % of respondents: 28% and 21%, respectively. Online display ads werent far behind at 18%.

Google also dominates among channels with regards to marketing success: 69% of brand respondents said they’re confident that the channel drives marketing success, Digidays survey found. Social channels also take into account a large part of confidence among brand pros, based on the survey. Over fifty percent (52%) of brand respondents said they’re confident that Facebook drives marketing success, 42% said exactly the same of Instagram and 41% said exactly the same about YouTube. Brands confidence is saturated in online display ads, aswell, with 45% of respondents saying they’re confident in the channel.

Comparing the outcomes of marketing spend versus marketing confidence is where things really get interesting: While Google happens because the leader in both categories, thats where in fact the similarities end. TV came in second among brand pros regarding just how much of these marketing budget is assigned to the channel, however in terms of confidence in marketing success, TV dropped to sixth place. Even though brand pros said they dont necessarily spend a big part of their marketing budgets on social channels, social media marketing platforms accounted for three of the very best five channels with regards to marketing success.

Overall, the percentage of brands having said that theyre confident that every channel drives marketing success far outstrips the percentage of brands having said that they spend a big part of their marketing budget on each channel. Brand pros stance on online display ads will probably be worth mentioning, with the channel finding yourself in the very best five for every category: 18% of brand respondents said a big part of their marketing budget goes toward the channel, putting it in fifth place, and 45% of brands said theyre confident that online display ads drive marketing success, putting it in third place.

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