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Digiday+ Research deep dive: Twitters strength holds among publishers

There’s perhaps no social media marketing platform that’s appropriate for publishers than Twitter. In this Digiday+ Research deep dive into how publishers are employing social media marketing platforms, we look at why that is.

In a June survey that collected responses from 72 publisher professionals, Digiday discovered that Twitter is still employed by most publishers: Eighty-nine percent of respondents said their titles posted content on Twitter previously month, that is up very slightly from this past year when 87% of respondents said theyd posted on Twitter.

The publishers who use Twitter are overwhelmingly posting on the platform each day: Three-quarters of the respondents to Digidays survey who post on Twitter achieve this daily. However, the amount of publishers posting on Twitter each day is in fact down significantly from this past year, when 84% of publisher pros using Twitter said they posted each day.

Meanwhile, the amount of publishers posting on Twitter at least one time weekly is up a lot from this past year (15% in 2021 versus 23% in 2022). This may indicate that those people who have decrease from posting on Twitter each day are actually posting at least one time weekly.

Since there is an improvement in how frequently publishers are posting on Twitter from this past year, Digidays survey discovered that respondents havent changed just how theyre buying original content on Twitter: In regards to a third of publisher pros said they invest just a little or never in original Twitter content this season, that is unchanged from this past year, while 20% said they invest a moderate amount (weighed against 23% this past year) and 13% said they invest a whole lot (weighed against 9%).

And publishers arent investing much in advertising on Twitter, either: No more than 25 % of respondents to Digidays survey said their titles purchased ads on the platform previously month. When looking back at past deep dives, that is more than publishers are buying ads on TikTok, where only 10% of publishers said theyd purchased ads during the past month, but less than Instagram and Facebook, where 46% and 75% said that they had bought ads, respectively.

Publishers insufficient investment in original content and ads on Twitter is reflected in just how much Twitter drives their revenues: This season, the amount of publisher pros who said Twitter isnt at all valuable to driving their titles revenues jumped from 17% this past year to 32% this season. Which year, not just one respondent to Digidays survey said Twitter is incredibly valuable to driving their titles revenues.

However, what Twitter lacks in driving revenue, it creates up for in building publishers brands. Actually, Twitter is up this season among publisher pros who said the platform is valuable for brand-building: 52% of respondents to Digidays survey said Twitter is either valuable or extremely valuable to building their brands, up from 45% this past year.

Twitters brand-building value for publishers tracks using its brand-appropriateness, Digidays survey found. A large proportion (63%) of respondents said Twitter is suitable for his or her titles brands, that is on par with last years results (when 69% said so). This will not be considered a surprise, as Twitters format is the greatest fit for publishers with regards to posting content on social media marketing.

Twitters brand-appropriateness is down slightly this season, but not by way of a meaningful amount. Also it appears that the publishers who said Twitter is somewhat brand-appropriate found the difference: 23% this past year weighed against 29% this season. The quantity of publishers who said Twitter isn’t very or never brand-appropriate stayed low, rising slightly from 7% this past year to 9% this season.

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