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Digiday+ Research deep dive: YouTube investments pay back for publishers brands, revenues

YouTube content can frequently be much lift, but sometimes that lift will probably be worth it. In this final installment of Digiday+ Researchs deep dive into how publishers are employing social media marketing platforms, were covering how publishers are investing money and time on YouTube and how thats translating with their revenues and brands.

Digiday asked 72 publisher professionals earlier come early july about how exactly they use YouTube and discovered that there was a large jump in the amount of publishers who post regularly on YouTube over this past year. In 2022, 83% of respondents said their titles posted content on the platform within the last month, weighed against just 67% in 2021.

Regardless of the jump in publishers who said they post regularly on YouTube, though, Digidays survey discovered that the frequency with which respondents are posting on the platform has remained relatively flat. However, on the list of 83% of publishers who use YouTube, the majority are posting on YouTube once weekly or more; Exactly the same percentage (83%) said their titles post content on the video platform each day or at least one time a week. Less than one-fifth post only one time per month.

With regards to buying original content, publishers are spending probably the most on YouTube content making sense once you take into account the nature of the platform. The best percentage of respondents to Digidays survey (29%) said they create a significant investment in creating original content for YouTube, weighed against 26% each on Meta platforms Facebook and Instagram, 19% on TikTok and 13% on Twitter. And the amount of publishers that are spending a whole lot on original YouTube content is inching up: This past year 26% of respondents said they invest a whole lot in creating original content for the platform.

A slightly lower percentage (25%) of publishers said their titles purchased advertising on YouTube previously month. This number is well below Facebook and Instagram, where 75% and 46% of publishers are buying ads, respectively, and well above TikTok, where only 10% of publishers are buying ads. It really is on par with Twitter, where 26% of respondents to Digidays survey said theyve bought ads during the past month.

Publishers investments in original content and advertising on YouTube is potentially paying down: 15% of respondents to Digidays survey said the platform is incredibly valuable to driving their titles revenues, weighed against only 7% this past year. However, YouTube has fallen among publishers who contemplate it to be somewhat valuable or valuable to driving revenues. This season, 19% of respondents said the platform is valuable to driving revenues for his or her titles, down from 26% this past year, while 25% said its somewhat valuable, down from 30% this past year.

As weve learned in past Digiday+ Research deep dives, social platforms real value to publishers is based on brand-building and Digidays survey found YouTube is not any different. Actually, YouTubes value to building titles brands is increasing: This season 57% of respondents said YouTube is valuable or extremely valuable for brand-building, up from 52% this past year. Meanwhile, hardly any publishers said the platform has little if any value with regards to brand-building. Only 6% of respondents said YouTube isn’t very valuable to building their titles brands, that is actually down from 14% this past year, and only 4% said its not valuable at all, that is exactly the same percentage from last years survey.

And YouTubes brand-appropriateness is increasing, so far as publishers are worried: 54% of respondents to Digidays survey said YouTube is suitable for his or her titles brands, up from 41% this past year. Meanwhile, publishers who said the platform is somewhat brand-appropriate fell from 21% this past year to 14% this season. Additionally, not just one respondent to the years survey said YouTube isn’t appropriate at all for his or her titles brands.

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