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Digiday+ Research: Publishers turn to diversify revenue streams before possible recession

Irrespective of where you look, you can find signs of an impending recession. Publishers aren’t immune to the downturn. Many have shifted their businesses operations already, which is more likely to continue in the coming months.

Digiday+ Research surveyed 58 publisher professionals come early july to discover where their revenue is via, how their revenue streams equate to half a year ago and where theyll be focusing their business on the next half a year in light of a possible recession.

As it happens most publishers are receiving their revenue from direct-sold ads: 45% of respondents to Digidays survey said a big part of their revenue originates from direct-sold ads, rendering it the No. 1 revenue source among publishers come early july. However, that percentage is really a significant drop from half a year ago. Direct-sold ads was also the very best way to obtain publisher revenue in the wintertime, but in those days 59% of respondents cited it as a big part of their revenue.

Branded content also took a large hit during the last half a year. In the wintertime, branded content was the No. 2 way to obtain revenue for publishers, a third of whom said a big part of their revenue originated from branded content. However come early july, branded content dropped to fifth place among revenue sources, with 21% of publishers pointing to it.

Programmatic ads bumped up from the No. 3 revenue source for publishers in the wintertime to No. 2 come early july, while video advertising including branded content and pre-roll went from No. 5 half a year ago to No. 3. Subscriptions remained in fourth place between your winter and summer.

Digidays survey discovered that, because they gear up for a possible recession, publishers want to prioritize different revenue streams. Fifty-six percent of publisher pros said they’ll put a big concentrate on building direct-sold ads within the next half a year, rendering it the No. 1 focus for publishers heading right into a downturn. But subscriptions, programmatic ads and video advertising may also be a large focus for publishers: 43% of respondents said they might be putting a big concentrate on building each one of these revenue streams within the next half a year the No. 2 spot.

Branded content didnt come far behind: 42% of publisher pros will put a big concentrate on building their branded content business when confronted with the possible recession. And events may also play a significant role for publishers as people are more comfortable attending gatherings: 40% of publisher pros will put a big concentrate on building their events revenue.

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