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Dimebag Darrells final Dean USA Custom Shop guitar showcased in new video

Before Dimebag Darrell passed on in 2004 he placed an order for a fresh Dean Custom Razorback a guitar that, sadly, he never surely got to play. Now YouTube channel Essex Recordings Studios and guitarist Nik Sampson have teamed around put the instrument, dubbed The Clubhouse, through its paces.

The all-black guitar is adorned with a green Pantera Clubhouse logo and reportedly sat on the wall of the bands own gentlemens club of exactly the same name (the early-00s weren’t rocks most enlightened era) for several years. The Southend, UK-based Essex Recording Studios later incorporated it to their own collection following Vinnie Pauls passing in 2018.

As host, Essex-owner Keith Gannon explains, this specific Dean Dime Razorback Stealth USA Custom Shop guitar came at the same time of crossover for Darrell. The Pantera man was reportedly still under contract with Washburn at that time (who had permission to create Dimebag models until March 2005), but Dimebag had nonetheless began to use Dean on new designs.

Dean Dime Razorback Stealth USA Custom Shop

The ‘Clubhouse’ fine art… (Image credit: Essex Recordings Studios / YouTube)

This specific guitar is, so far as Im aware, the only real Razorback Stealth USA guitar available, says Gannon.

They did do some Korean import models with the silver bevels and EMG pickups. But [they were] completely different headstock design, different truss rod cover, different construction, slightly different on the form. [So] again there is only 1 ever USA custom shop one built also it was for Dime, ordered by Dime and sent to his brother Vinnie 2-3 weeks after he passed.

Built-in January 2005, theres a Seymour Duncan signature Dimebucker pickup at the bridge, a Floyd Rose vibrato system, a V-shape neck profile, control knobs with indentations for better grip and a razor blade inlay at the 12th fret. Your body, notes Sampson, is frickin huge yet surprisingly thin and its own still got its first group of 17-year old strings.

That is definitely a guitar you need to wear a yellow safety vest a difficult hat and a clipboard if you are travelling a venue with this particular thing, jokes Gannon. You’re gonna whack into everything; there’s just huge points coming off atlanta divorce attorneys direction you’ll definitely poke someone’s eye out.

Sampson then finally lets rip with some Dimebag influenced riffs and lead lines, but is somewhat inhibited by the instruments ancient strings, which come in pretty shocking condition following years on the wall. Still, its a remarkable insight into Dimebags world, and we await the follow-up clip once its had a tune-up with bated breath.

Essex owner Gannon has form with iconic metal instruments he once bought all of the guitars in Dave Mustaine’s Reverb shop, before selling them again per year later.

Even 18 years on from his death, Dimebag Darrells legacy continues to play out within the next generation of players, as evidenced by Polyphia covering Pantera tune Domination at their August 20 show, on which could have been Dimebags 56th birthday.

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