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discordo: Lightweight, secure, and feature-rich Discord terminal client

Discordo is really a lightweight, secure, and feature-rich Discord terminal client. Heavily work-in-progress, expect breaking changes.


Table of Contents


  • Lightweight
  • Secure
  • Configurable
  • Cross-platform
  • Minimalistic
  • Feature-rich


Prebuilt binaries

It is possible to download and use a prebuilt binary here for Windows, macOS, or Linux.

Package managers

Building from source

git clone discordomake build# optionalsudo mv ./discordo /usr/local/bin

Linux clipboard support

  • xclip or xsel for X11.
    • Ubuntu: apt install xclip
    • Arch Linux: pacman -S xclip
    • Fedora: dnf install xclip
  • wl-clipboard for Wayland.
    • Ubuntu: apt install wl-clipboard
    • Arch Linux: pacman -S wl-clipboard
    • Fedora: dnf install wl-clipboard


  • Run the discordo executable without arguments.

  • Sign in utilizing the account email and password (first-time login) and go through the “Login” button to keep.

    • If you work with a bot account to login, set the token command-line flag to the token of the bot and prefix it with Bot (eg: -token "Bot OTI2MDU5NTQxNDE2Nzc5ODA2.Yc2KKA.2iZ-5JxgxG-9Ub8GHzBSn-NJjNg").

    • Automagically, Discordo utilizes OS-specific keyring to store the authentication token. However, if you like not to work with a keyring (not recommended), you might set the token command-line flag to the authentication token and Discordo will prioritize using the provided token to login rather than keyring.


A default configuration file is established on first start-up at $HOME/.config/discordo/config.toml on Unix, $HOME/Library/Application Support/discordo/config.toml on Darwin, and %AppData%/discordo/config.toml on Windows. It is possible to configure the default configuration path utilizing the config command-line flag.


Automated user accounts or “self-bots” are against Discord’s Terms of Service. I’m not in charge of any loss due to using “self-bots” or Discordo.

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