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Discords overhauled Android app will shorten the await new features

Discord has begun rolling out an overhauled Android app that addresses probably the most consistent complaints with the program. In the event that you follow the business, youve probably seen it often announce new features and then note they’ll launch on iOS and desktop first before arriving on Googles operating-system. We saw that recently with the release of Server Profiles. In accordance with Discord, thats going to turn into a thing of days gone by.

In a post published on Monday, the business said it recently rebuilt its Android app using React Native. Discord has employed the framework for iOS development since Meta first open sourced React in 2015. Given that both of Discord’s mobile apps are on a single underlying codebase, the business notes Android users can get feature consistency.

Comparison screenshot showing Discord's new Android interface. The new UI more broadly aligns with its iOS counterpart thanks to Discord's move to React Native.


Additionally, the business says Discord users will dsicover a far more consistent user experience across platforms. As you example, the Android app will include a larger default font that’s more good iOS version of the program. Discord also anticipates it’ll release future updates faster.

As Discord is growing across platforms, you want to find methods to support you as well as your communities as quickly and efficiently as you possibly can, irrespective of which device or platform you will be using, the business said. Utilizing React Native across every mobile platform Discord is on is merely among the tools that helps us support everything you do, and we cant wait showing you how.

In the event that you curently have Discord installed on your own Android phone, the business says you may expect the overhauled app to reach on your own device in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, new Android users can download the program from the Google Play Store.

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