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DNC postpones vote on keeping Iowa, New Hampshire as first contests

The Democratic National Committee has made a decision to postpone a highly anticipated decision on the 2024 presidential primary calendar until following the midterm elections, party officials were informed Saturday.

The DNC have been likely to decide come early july whether Iowa and New Hampshire could keep their traditional first-in-the-nation status in 2024, or if more diverse states would take their invest the first primary window, which also contains Nevada and SC.

However the leaders of the partys Rules and Bylaws Committee said in a memo to officials Saturday they had essentially go out of time prior to the midterm elections to work through unresolved questions about how exactly each one of the 17 states that requested a coveted early primary spot would run their elections, and want local officials to now concentrate on the fall elections.

“Following midterm elections, we shall reconvene to update our evaluation of the applicant pool and work at your final decision to provide fully DNC for a vote, which DNC leadership has assured us they’ll make happen right following the midterm elections as can be done,” Jim Roosevelt, Jr. and Minyon Moore, the co-chairs of the committee, wrote in the memo, distributed to NBC News.

We shall continue to use applicants in the coming weeks to hammer out final details, they added.

The majority of the states that requested an early on spot haven’t held this election before, so that they would want cooperation from their governor and state legislatures many of which are controlled by Republicans to create any necessary legislative changes also to provide resources.

Iowa and New Hampshire have long faced criticism for his or her unique power, especially among Democrats who note both states are overwhelmingly white. Iowa, specifically, has already established a target on its back since botching the 2020 Democratic caucuses so when hawaii has drifted further in to the Republican column.

THE GUIDELINES committee still plans to meet up in Washington in a few days to focus on other issues linked to the 2024 presidential nomination contest, but won’t contain the vote on the calendar, the memo said.

Alex Seitz-Wald is senior digital politics reporter for NBC News.

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