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DO NOT HAVE I Ever Stars Reveal if they are Team Paxton or Team Ben

DO NOT HAVE I Ever Season 4: Who’s Best for Devi?

Warning: The below includes spoilers for season three of DO NOT HAVE I Ever.

DO NOT HAVE I Ever has us picking sides.

The 3rd season of the Netflix comedy, which dropped Aug. 12, ended with Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrisnan) on Ben’s (Jaren Lewison) doorstep, seeking to cash inthe “one free boink” card he gave her earlier in the growing season. The pair, who dated in season two,reunited and ended the growing season with a make-out session.

But what does which means that for Devi’s ex-boyfriend Paxton (Darren Barnet)? Sure, he’ll college in Arizona while Devi stays in California. Sure, Devi appears to finally be fully focused on Ben. But are we so wrong to wonder if there’s still a spark there?

So, who falls into Team Ben or Team Paxton? We made a decision to go on it to the sources.

“I love to break mine up into percentage points,” Jaren exclusively told E! News. “I go 70 percent Team Ben, I go 20 percent Team Paxton, because I really like Daren, and 10 percent Team Devi because we are all rooting on her behalf to get self-love.”

Wait, did that just convince us to become listed on Team Ben?

Darren, meanwhile, understands the allure of Ben and Devi, but he’s nearly convinced Paxton isn’t still in the running.

“With regards to when I see what seems designed to be, the banter between [Devi] and Ben from the get-go, I’m exactly like, This type of person in love.’ They’re 100 percent in love,'” he said. “But I think in regards to a relationship and I’m like, This might be the kind of relationship where they’re always challenging one another for no reason and attempting to one up one another.’ It is a very decent halfway split for me personally.”

Most of all: So how exactly does Maitreyi experience all this?

“I’m, needless to say, team Devi,” she said. “Because the person playing this character, who I’ve become mounted on and love and adore, I only want her to cultivate. If which means messiness, then take it on. If which means very difficult decisions, take it on.”


DO NOT HAVE I Ever recently wrapped filming its fourth and final season and, while Maitreyi knew much better than to spoilhow things summary, she offered up an assurance that it is all on Devi’s terms.

“I cannot say what I am hoping is really because what I hoped happened, did happen,” she revealed. “I’d you need to be giving spoilers! Season four is strictly what I’d have wanted.”

While we wait with anticipation, the 3rd season of DO NOT HAVE I Ever can be acquired to stream on Netflix.

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