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Dodgers: Cody Bellinger Was Hilariously Confused About His Dress-Up Day Costume

Recent dad Cody Bellinger’s mind visited Disney cartoons rather than Vegas shows when Justin Turner suggested their costume for the Dodgers’ dress-up day.

The Dodgers did their annual dress-up day on Sunday, donning costumes for his or her flight from NORTH PARK to Phoenix. The tradition started in the past as an alternative for the rookie hazing many teams do where the first-year players need to clothe themselves in emasculating costumes for just one September trip.

Instead, the complete Dodgers organization gets in onto it. That even carries a rookie like Andre Jackson, who had just been called up a couple of days earlier and didn’t have enough time to plan. Team leader Justin Turner took it upon himself to add Jackson in his group costume: Chippendales dancers.

Originally, it had been just likely to be Turner and Cody Bellinger in the group, and because it was JT’s idea, he ordered the costumes, including two ab suits to help make the players look extra muscular. JT had a lot of the bowties and cufflinks they can be found in a four-pack on Amazon, just $15.99 with next-day delivery on Prime but he only had two of the muscle shirts. When Jackson and Joey Gallo joined the group, it had been BYOA Bring YOUR PERSONAL Abs.

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The group costume came off perfectly and was a big success, but Turner told Matt Vasgersian on MLB Network that there is initially some confusion on Bellinger’s part (go figure).

“It had been originally likely to be just me and Cody carrying it out. Joey’s costume didn’t arrive and Dre just got called up that day, and I simply so happened to order extra cufflinks and bowties, in the event someone didn’t have anything. However when me and Cody were carrying it out, we’re discussing Chippendales, and he’s like, ‘Alright, cool,’ and I showed him an image of the people in the cufflinks and the bowties without shirts on, and he’s like, ‘Alright, think it’s great, let’s take action.’

“And I assume in the cage last week, he was speaking with a few of the guys, and he’s like, ‘I just hardly understand where in fact the bowties and the cufflinks can be found in for the mice.’

“He was taking into consideration the Chipmunks which are Chip andDale. He’s thinking we’re gonna decorate as Chip and Dale, he’s like, ‘I hardly understand why we’re not wearing a shirt and we’re wearing these bowties.’ He’s like, ‘But whatever, I’m down!'”

If we are able to see through Belli discussing Chip and Dale as “the mice,” it’s refreshingly wholesome our lovable blockhead’s mind visited the Disney cartoons rather than the Vegas burlesque shows. That’s what fatherhood can do to a man, I assume.

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