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Dodgers News: What the Nationals Wanted From LA in the Trade For Juan Soto

In this trade deadline, Dodger fans didn’t obtain the blockbuster deal that they had become familiar with having. While the business was definitely involved with conversations to sign Juan Soto, the Nationals ultimately accepted the offer from NORTH PARK. Washington getsLuke Voit, Mackenzie Gore, C.J. Abrams, Robert Hassell III, Jarlin Susana, and James Wood in the offer.

Based on the OC Registers J.P. Hoornstra, the package that the Nationals requested from the Dodgers was absurd. On his podcast this week, he spoke about any of it and it appears to be it could have cost them big style.

In accordance with my sources, it had been a package of 6 or 7 prospects. The headliners were Diego Cartaya and Bobby Miller, that are respectively the very best position player and the very best pitcher in the Dodgers system. Beyond that, Ive heard there have been several different versions of the way the trade may have been construed.

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Hoornstra says that the Nationals also wanted 2-3 more of the Dodgers top 5 prospects andan additional 2-3 wildcard prospects.Making the purchase price for Soto incredibly steep.Ryan Pepiot, Miguel Vargas, Andy Pages, and Michael Busch could have all been available and likely.

But, trading away that lots of prospects could have practically destroyed the Dodgers farm system. Having Juan Soto in the outfield is a very costly luxury rather than “need” and getting NORTH PARK to quite literally sell the farm could prove a lot more valuableto Los Angelesin the long term.

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