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Dodgers’ Trea Turner Commits to Play for Team USA in 2023 World Baseball Classic

Stacy Revere/Getty Images

LA Dodgers shortstop Trea Turner will undoubtedly be on the list of stars representing america for the 2023 World Baseball Classic.


Trea Turner is #ALLIN for Team USA in the #WorldBaseballClassic.

Turner was an All-Star for the next time this year. Through 128 games, he’s batting .308 with 18 home runs, a .483 slugging percentage and 21 stolen bases.

The 29-year-old joins what’s projected to become a loaded squad for Team USA.

Mike Trout was the initial major domino to fall, with the LA Angels star also handling captain duties. THE BRAND NEW York Mets’ Pete Alonso, St. Louis Cardinals’ Nolan Arenado and Philadelphia Phillies’ Bryce Harper are listed on the roster, as the Dodgers’ Mookie Betts and Chicago White Sox’s Tim Anderson have committed to the cause.

Although Trevor Story can be slated to compete for Team USA next spring, Turner’s addition probably means he and Anderson will undoubtedly be starting up the center for manager Mark DeRosa.

While primarily a shortstop, Turner has played at second for 91 games across his MLB career, including 49 appearances at the positioning in 2021.

Player recruitment is a problem for Team USA in past years. The squad that won the 2017 World Baseball Classic had some notable names but wasn’t the best the united states could submit.

Turner’s decision is really a sign of the way the World Baseball Classic is starting to be looked at differently one of the better American stars.

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