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Dog Owner’s Revenge on Airbnb Host Sparks Flood of Rental Horror Stories

Members of a favorite internet forum jumped to inform tales of these own after one pet owner revealed how he could secure a refund from an irritable and intrusive Airbnb host.

In a viral Reddit post published on r/pettyrevenge, Redditor u/District_Dan (otherwise known as the initial poster, or OP) said they rented a house for a three-day wedding weekend that has been advertised as pet-friendly but quickly discovered the home’s owner was not.

Titled, “Airbnb host left me an unfair review also it cost them hundreds,” the post has received a lot more than 13,000 upvotes within the last day.

“Not long ago i attended a friend’s wedding a couple of hours abroad,” OP began. “[My girlfriend] and I made a decision to get an Airbnb so she could bring her dog.”

Explaining that the couple arrived to the rental on Friday afternoon, OP said that 30 minutes after, their Airbnb host also arrived and remarked that the $25 pet fee hadn’t yet been paid.

OP wanted to pay the fee then, but was assured it had been only a formality and the host and tenant shifted without issue.

Roughly it seemed.

“Inside our minds the trip was successful and the Airbnb was an excellent fit,” OP wrote. “But I saw his overview of me, and an exclusive message where he blasted me for not telling him that I was bringing your dog.

“That didn’t sit well with me at all, since i have thought we’d handled this individual to individual when he came by on the initial day…for him to create that on my Airbnb profile felt just like a cheap shot,” OP continued. “Even though Airbnb couldn’t do anything concerning the review…my [girlfriend] did explain that hosts aren’t likely to arrive to the house unannounced.”

Airbnb hosts, based on the company’s website, are permitted to visit their house while renters can be found, but only once their visit includes a clear objective.

“Hosts may re-enter their house…throughout a reservation only once there is a target emergency,” the web site reads. “Or following a guest has given explicit permission and…includes a clear knowledge of the interactions will undoubtedly be so when.”

Airbnb hosts, however, aren’t permitted to drop in unannounced, thereby preventing guests from enjoying their private spaceprivately.

For hosts worried about the current presence of animals on the property, there’s the choice to prohibit guests from bringing pets altogether. For hosts worried about the expense of clearing up following a pet, addititionally there is the choice to impose yet another pet fee, leaving it around Airbnb users to choose if that specific rental is right for them.

On numerous occasions through the entire viral Reddit post, OP managed to get clear they were ready to pay your pet fee and they offered to personally, soon after they realized they forgot to take action beforehand.

However they were rejected, and instead publicly lambasted by their Airbnb host, effectively jeopardizing their capability to rent again later on.

Because of this, OP said these were left without choice but to complain about their host’s unannounced visit.

“Since he took an inexpensive shot with my review, I made a decision to do exactly the same,” OP wrote. “I reached out to Airbnb support…they i want to understand that he was in violation of these policy, plus they refunded me 2/3 days of the stay…all due to a bad review.”

Dog laying on porch
Dog laying on porch. Members of Reddit’s r/pettyrevenge forum were delighted after one Airbnb user revealed how they returned at a bunch who left them an unnecessarily bad public review. Zinkevych/iStock / Getty Images Plus

Through the entire comment portion of the viral post, Redditors shared stories like OP’s, detailing all the reasons they will have received similarly poor reviews, despite their finest efforts never to.

“I take advantage of VRBO [and] I’m a 5 star guest,” Redditor u/tinyhorseintapshoes wrote in the post’s top comment, which includes received nearly 4,000 upvotes. “One rental had candles for use on the deck, that was really nice for night time dinners.

“We were out and I randomly grabbed a pack [of] candles to displace the people we used,” they continued. “We got a 4 star rating rather than a 5 as the candles we bought weren’t soy.”

Redditor u/_heartPotatoes, whose comment has received nearly 2,000 upvotes, offered an identical story.

“We’d an Airbnb hostafter reviewing us and per month after our staymessage us regarding black Sharpie stains on the granite counter,” they wrote. “They said my 9-month-old niece somehow got on the 4 foot tall counter and defaced it.

“They said we were disrespectful and should’ve told them concerning this instead of attempting to hide it beneath the coffee pot,” they continued. “I told them…that appears like skid marks from underneath of the coffee pot. It had been. They didn’t apologize [and] we don’t even drink coffee.”

“A member of family did a four weeks long rent of an [Airbnb] that has been pet friendly. They brought their dog and paid the deposit, cleaned up before they left,” Redditor u/This-Ad-2281 chimed in. “The host gave them a negative review as the pet friendly [Airbnb] had dog hair inside it.”

Newsweek reached out to u/District_Dan for comment.

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