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Dog the Bounty Hunter Getting Tips about Kiely Rodni Disappearance, Reluctant to Jump In

Dog The Bounty Hunter Getting Tips about Kiely Rodni Disappearance Reluctant to Jump In

8/18/2022 1: 00 AM PT

Dog the Bounty Hunter gets a slew of tips about the disappearance of 16-year-old Kiely Rodni — the lady who vanished close to the Lake Tahoe area earlier this month — but he’s reluctant to accomplish anything at this time due to the blowback he got in the Gabby Petito murder investigation.

Dog’s rep tells TMZ, a few of the tipsters offer vague clues — something he’s used through the years to eventually develop solid leads — and he’s been obtaining a slew of emails from individuals who just want him to jump in due to his background to find missing persons.


Here’s the issue. When cops were setting their sights on Brian Laundrie, the person who murdered Gabby, Dog was honeymooning close to the Florida home where Brian’s sister lived, and he made a decision to jump in and help. The video of Dog knocking at the sister’s door made the rounds and was heavily criticized … some claiming he was meddling in a police investigation.

It’s sort of an incident, Dog thinks, of no good deed going unpunished. His rep says just how he operates … he’ll not try a missing person’s investigation unless among 2 things happen — either he’s invited by way of a relative or police to obtain involved, or 21 days have passed because the person was declared missing.

Dog the Bounty Hunter Wades Through Swampy Waters in Search for Brian Laundrie

Dog the Bounty Hunter Wades Through Swampy Waters browsing for Brian Laundrie

The reason behind 21 days … Dog says that’s when missing persons cases typically go cold.

So, Dog is currently waiting … looking forward to an invite or for 3 weeks to pass. He’s also looking forward to solid clues on where Kiely may be.

Kiely was last seen leaving a higher school grad party close to the Lake Prosser reservoir in Nevada County, CA in early August … about 200-300 individuals were at exactly the same event … however the teen remains unaccounted for.

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