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DOJ accuses Google of shopping for its position as a default internet search engine

Department of Justice attorneys are installation of their roadmap for next year’s antitrust lawsuit trial.

By | Published Sep 9, 2022 2: 30 PM

Hand holding smartphone displaying Google search homepage

DOJ prosecutors argue Google is spending ‘enormous’ sums to keep its edge. Solen Feyissa/Unsplash

Department of Justice prosecutors didnt mince words on Thursday when it found describing how Google maintains its position because the internets go-to internet search engine. Through the first hearing before DOJs antitrust lawsuit trial scheduled for sometime next year, attorney Kenneth Dintzer argued to federal judge Amit Mehta in Washington, D.C. that, Google invests billions in [default internet search engine deals], knowing people wont change them They’re buying default exclusivity because defaults matter a whole lot.

These details comes thanks to a rundown yesterday from Bloomberg, which also cites Dintzer as arguing that Samsung, Apple, along with other big name telecom behemoths are essentially offered sums so enormous from Google they cant refuse its offer. The all-but-inevitable deals subsequently stifle competition and stop any other internet search engine providers from gaining a foothold within the. Because so many consumers dont bother to customize or change their default se’s, Google is then permitted to harvest copious levels of incredibly valuable user data because of its own purposes.

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Googles attorneys, unsurprisingly, offered another undertake the tech landscape, arguing that the Big Tech company has it harder than most of us think. You dont have to visit Google to look on Amazon. You dont have to visit Google to get seats on Expedia, attorney John Schmidtleintold the federal judge. The truth that Google doesnt face exactly the same competition on every query doesnt mean the business doesnt face tough competition.

However, that doesnt change the the staggering scale of which the business has orchestrated handles internet providers and smartphone makers. More often than not, consumers are likely to see Chrome as their default search option upon opening a fresh browser tab, and different devices will most likely include the Googles internet search engine preinstalled. Unless someone is out of their solution to change that default, theyre likely to be offering up valuable data to Google and its own owners at Alphabet, Inc.

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There’s little dispute concerning how Google dominates how exactly we interact and find out information online. Whats being questioned in the hearing (and upcoming trial) isn’t just the way the company pulled it off to begin with, but how it continues to keep that top spot. Federal prosecutors are seeking to start the to more competition, and shoot for this lawsuit to greatly help do that.

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