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Dont Book Vacations Rentals WITH ONE OF THESE Red-Flag Words in the Listing

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With regards to your hard-earned vacation, accommodations property could make or break the trip. For instance, you can find lucky, and find yourself booking a location that’s even nicer in true to life than it really is in the listing photos.

However (and probably more prone to happen), upon arrival, you may find that the host took a number of liberties when describing the house in the listing.

Even though reading the reviews might help, its vital that you remember that one persons rustic dream house is another persons outdated vacation nightmare.

To greatly help avoid situations like this, look for certain words in listings that may be warning flag, or at the very least let you know more about whether a house is a great fit for you personally. Heres what things to know.

Red-flag word in vacation rental listings

Like regular property listings, there are particular words found in Airbnb and VRBO descriptions that may say a whole lot concerning the property without actually spelling it out. Included in these are words like cozy, which, along with its actual definition, also is commonly used to spell it out smaller-than-average spaces.

Below are a few other examplesand what they could really meancourtesy of a report from Elliot Advocacy:


Maybe its discussing decor that mixes a number of different design styles. Or possibly it means that you could only enter one bedroom by crawling by way of a window, or that the only real sink is situated on the toilet.

In the event that you still have questions concerning the eclectic property after considering the photos and reading the reviews, its probably far better speak to the host to make sure that it will fit the bill.


Like private, this probably implies that the house is far enough from other people that you could turn the quantity through to the stereo without disturbing anyone. But what lengths is that, exactly?

Moreover, it may be a clue that the house is pretty definately not the nearest gas station, supermarket, or hospital. Because of this, check the approximate distance from the home to civilization before booking. The listing might not supply the exact address before making a reservation, but itll at the very least give you a concept of where it really is on a map.


Needless to say you need your vacation rental to be secure, but what prompted the host to add it in the description? Although it could imply that they recently installed a video doorbell (that is its issue), it might also be considered a clue that the house is not situated in the safest area.

If the rest concerning the property is appealing, you might want to execute a little research on the positioning, including considering the house on Google Street View (that is a good idea before making any rental booking).


Rustic is in the attention of the beholder, and exists on a spectrum. When you start to see the word in a house listing, its your clue to essentially feel the reviews and photos carefully to ensure that the rental at the very least meets your minimum standards.

For instance, a 150-year-old house could be referred to as rustic due to the usual quirks that include a property of this ageincluding the truth that regardless of just how much you clean, itll never be spotless as a more recent, hermetically sealed home built-in the 21st century. While individuals who love and appreciate historic homes probably know very well what to anticipate, those used to newer properties could be disgusted.

Actually, for a lot of, anything apart from luxury accommodations might seem rustic. In other situations, rustic often means the rental doesnt have air-con, or includes a limited way to obtain hot water, or perhaps a composting toilet, or perhaps a weak wifi signalall items that are perfectly acceptable for some people, but dealbreakers for others.

The main element is making the effort to discover what the term identifies at that one property before booking it.

They are clues, not hard-and-fast-rules

Needless to say, because these words come in a listing it generally does not mean that the dog owner is trying to cover up something, or that theres something amiss with the house. Instead, examine these another screening way before booking a secondary rental.

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