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‘Don’t go near’: Japan beachgoers warned over biting dolphin

A single dolphin is believed to be behind at least 10 biting incidents near a beach in central Japan
An individual dolphin is thought to be behind at the very least 10 biting incidents near a beach in central Japan.

Beachgoers in the Japanese region of Fukui have already been warned to remain from a displeased dolphin accused of biting swimmers, with officials urging people to “watch from afar”.

Beach attendants at the seafront in the central region on Wednesday setup a tool that emits ultrasonic frequencies in a bid to repel the cantankerous creature, the said.

An indicator has been set up warning dolphin fans never to touch the pet.

Local media said at the very least 10 incidents involving dolphin bites have already been recorded by attendants at the beach because it officially opened for the summertime on July 9.

An area official told AFP that Fukui’s fire department has been called over two incidents, both involving men within their 40s who have been swimming close to the local beach.

Injuries have already been minor up to now, but have warned of “potentially severe wounds”.

“Dolphins are generally considered cute, but in the event that you approach wild dolphins carelessly, you can find bitten and injured,” Fukui prefectural police cautioned in a Twitter post Monday.

“In the event that you spot any, don’t go near them,” the authorities said, citing the case of a guy who was simply bitten on the hand on Sunday.

The town believes the group of attacks will be the work of single dolphin, that was first spotted near shore at another in April, Masaki Yasui, the official from the tourism promotion department, told AFP.

“We recognize that there are particular where dolphins can’t stand to be touched, just like the tip of its nose and its own back fin,” Yasui said.

He said videos posted on Twitter showed beachgoers have been attempting to touch the dolphin in those areas.

“We encourage people to watch the dolphin from afar should they run into it,” the state said.

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