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Don’t Worry, ‘Ms. Marvel’ Didn’t Break the ‘Endgame’ Time Travel Rules

Ms Marvel spoilers follow.

Ms Marvel head writer Bisha K Ali has addressed set up Disney+ show has broken the time-traveling rules lay out by Avengers: Endgame.

In Endgame, we’re told by Bruce Banner/Smart Hulk that you cannot change days gone by by heading back to days gone by, but things appear to be different in Ms Marvel.

In episode five, ‘Time and Again’, Kamala Khan is taken back again to the night time her great-grandmother, Aisha, disappeared through the Partition of India.

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Marvel Studios

Aisha sends Kamala to greatly help guide her daughter, Sana, to reunite with her father to make sure her survival. So Kamala was in a position to change days gone by?

Talking with CinemaBlend, Ali explained that the guidelines lay out in Endgame have since been expanded on by another Disney+ show, Loki, and the ones will be the rules Ms Marvel was following.

“Yes, we’d the Avengers: Endgame [rules] that you can’t return back in just like a consequential [way]. However, between Endgame and [Ms Marvel], another little show came through called Loki, that i was quite definitely part of determining how time can work,” she said.

“And I’d say that I believe it wouldn’t have caused a Nexus event due to the inevitability of it. So that it was a closed loop. That’s what’s going on Also it was also the truth that a Nexus event is due to Guess what happens? I’m gonna get shouted out by someone, either by way of a fan or by Marvel. I cannot tell which.

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Marvel Studios

“But I’ll say this, that for me personally, it made sense, and it match the logic of that which was established in the TVA, which appeared like the best ruling promptly, I believe.”

Ali also recently solved the confusion surrounding the type of Brie Larson’s surprising appearance as Captain Marvel in the finale’s post-credits sequence, confirming to Deadline that Kamala hadn’t transformed into Carol.

“What you’re seeing is strictly everything you think you’re seeing. That’s her, there is no magic there,” she explained. “All I could say beyond that’s to take pleasure from [The Marvels] in a single year’s time.”

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