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Doodles NFT Havent Tweeted All Month: Whats Happening?

Surprisingly, the state Twitter account of the Doodles NFT project hasnt tweeted in the complete month of August. In a tweet highlighting the problem, popular NFT influencer @TropoFarmer shared a graphic of a countdown calendar showing 11 hours remaining to allow them to tweet in August. So, whats happening with the hugely popular project, and just why have they been so inactive on social media marketing?

Various characters in the Doodles NFT collection
The Doodles NFT Twitter team hasnt tweeted in August!

The Doodles Twitter account hasnt tweeted in a complete month!

It really is unclear why the Doodles NFT account hasnt tweeted through the entirety of August, nonetheless it is concerning. That is one of the primary NFT projects in the area. In fact, in accordance with DappRadar stats, it’s the 13th largest NFT assortment of in history by trading volume. This month alone, Doodles has over $7.49M in sales volume.

Needless to say, we have been in a bear market, making people anxious. Doodles will always be somewhat casual making use of their method of Twitter. Now, as the market is quiet, folks are searching for reassurance from the team.

It is very important remember that although Doodles havent officially tweeted in August, they did send one reply tweet on August 10th, giving an answer to a merchandise tweet, with two emojis of a red balloon and a cowboy.

What next for Doodles?

NFT Twitter influencer @Degentraland in addition has discussed Doodles not tweeting today. Within an 18-tweet post, he said, Quick Thread on the @doodles FUD. Ive stayed largely silent on Doodles lately. But Ive received several concerned DMs from long-time holders asking my estimation. My overall thoughts: show patience, but demand more.

Many members of the Doodles community want more transparency from the team and regular updates.

Hopefully, in September, Doodles will tweet again and put peoples worries relaxed. The project comes with an extensive roadmap, and in April announced plans for a Doodles 2 NFT drop. They’ll need the support of the city, to create this possible.

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