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DoorDash Customer Says He Received Drugs ALONG WITH HIS Order

An Ohio man claims he discovered a bag of marijuana in the bottom of his food delivery from DoorDash and contacted police.

“I was scared initially, but again, I wasn’t very surprised,” the client told WSYX-TV.

Following the customer discovered the drugs on August 9, he said the delivery driver returned to his residence allegedly requesting it back, WSYX-TV reported. He said the driver told him there is medicine for his friend in the bag.

But instead than return the marijuana to the delivery driver, the person said he called police and immediately filed a complaint to DoorDash.

Man claims he found drugs in delivery
Here, a stock photo of an individual creating a delivery. An Ohio man contacted police after claiming he discovered marijuana inside his DoorDash delivery. bondarillia/iStock

“I’m a healthcare worker and observe how this affects people daily,” he said. “I even had a detailed friend’s nephew expire because of smoking some marijuana laced by fentanyl.”

DoorDash and Marijuana

Even though Ohio customer received a lot more than he ordered in his delivery, DoorDash officially entered the cannabis industry in Canada in April.

In accordance with Forbes, the business plans to partner with cannabis retail operator Superette to provide delivery options to adults 19 years and older through the DoorDash app.

The feature in the app will feature “curated menus and special collections,” Forbes reported.

‘I Question Everything’

The client added that it’s worrisome that the drugs may have potentially finished up in the incorrect hands and said he could be now hesitant to ever get food delivered again, WSMV-TV reported.

“I question everything now. I question the business’s criminal background checks. Do they really know the those who are doing work for them?” he asked.

Based on the official DoorDash website, all driverscalled Dashersshould be 18 and older and present consent to a background check.

A spokesperson for DoorDash told Newsweek they’re aware of the problem.

“What happened isn’t acceptable and we’ve removed the Dasher from our platform,” the spokesperson said. “We appreciate the client for reporting the incident.”

In accordance with WSMV-TV, police in Columbus are actively investigating the alleged incident.

Newsweek reached out to the Columbus Division of Police for comment.

DoorDash in the news headlines

Last month, footage of a confrontation between a person and a DoorDash driver went viral online. In the video, the delivery driver told the client he was fired after claiming the meals was never delivered.

In June, DoorDash caused a debate online following a screenshot of a credit card applicatoin posted to Reddit showed a question concerning the applicant’s sexual orientation and pronouns.

However, a spokesperson with DoorDash told Newsweek that the image cuts off a bolded message stating that applicants can choose “I don’t desire to answer” for just about any of the questions.

The spokesperson added that the questions is there to provide information regarding recruiting efforts and sourcing also to “inform diversity and inclusion initiatives.”

Updated 08/17/2022, 4: 54 p.m. ET: This story has been updated with a related video.

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