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DOUG COLLINS: What Feels Good WILL NOT Always Heal You These Bipartisan Gun Control Measures Certainly are a Cruel Charade

In the wake of the tragic lives lost at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, it really is understandable that there surely is an overriding sense that Congress must act to safeguard innocent lives. When confronted with any unspeakable tragedy, there exists a natural, human impulse to get to accomplish anything in your capacity to prevent such devastation later on. The brand new bipartisan gun control legislation can do little to avoid another horrific tragedy just like the one in Uvalde and along the way opens the liberal imagine universal gun background check and registration.

I hear the calls that people should do something, and that doing nothing ignores the issue we have been facing. However, doing a thing that won’t solve the issue or arguably affect the problem in a meaningful way isn’t only wrongits cruel. Whenever we create a change exclusively for the sake to be in a position to say we made a big change, what actually happens is that the issue remains unresolved, but often unintended consequences arise. These unintended consequences could possibly be prevented by going for a step back and spending additional time analyzing the solutions being proposed.

A bipartisan band of Senators, led by Senators Chris Murphy (D-CT) and John Cornyn (R-TX) introduced legislation that has been fast-tracked in the Senate with hardly any debate, no Committee hearings, rather than an individual Committee mark-up. In the rush to obtain something done, the Senate completely abandoned the formalities of regular order, instead negotiating and drafting the ultimate bill nowadays. Its not merely the rushed process thats the problemits also the truth that not absolutely all Senators had a chance to debate and amend this final package. Ultimately, that insufficient scrutiny may cause problems not for another criminal who chooses to commit horrific acts of gun violence, but also for law-abiding citizens that are simply exercising their Second Amendment rights. Following the rush in the Senate, the home did even less. They brought it right to the ground and passed it, in fact it is now law.

The legislation does include provisions that could likely receive near unanimous, or almost unanimous, support. These provisions include: additional money for specialty courts that cope with mental medical issues and family courts made to help families while still holding criminals accountable; and money to safeguard and harden our schools, which nearly every after-action report from the school shooting shows could have actually prevented the increased loss of life.

The issues with this particular bill, however, outweigh the solutions and really should have more than simply perfunctory debate on to the floor of the U.S. House and the U.S. Senate. The provisions providing state funding for so-called red flag laws, opening of juvenile records for criminal background checks, changing this is of gun dealers, and the straw purchase provisions do little but have the potential to harm lawful gun owners.

I think it is interesting that there surely is no outcry from either the Left or the proper about the insufficient specificity in what constitutes due process with regards to providing state funding to implement red flag laws. This undertaking requires thoughtful consideration to guarantee the proper protection of law-abiding citizens Second Amendment rightsnot only a line concerning the Constitution. I’m amazed that so a lot of my former colleagues who’ve worked diligently on criminal justice reform will be willing to permit the opening of juvenile records for a background checkincluding mental health records. The juvenile system isn’t just like the adult system, also it ought to be treated with different standards. Once more, the answer might have been found with just a little homework check. But who needs homework once the sole objective would be to pass a bill quickly?

Another provision worth serious concern may be the language regarding straw purchases. Its not true that prosecutors cannot make these cases. The average person who purchases the gun attests that they can utilize the firearm for themselves. Should they subsequently give it, or sell it, to some other person that cannot own a firearm, that’s already barred for legal reasons. This dates back to the only real issuethese senators think that we should pass new laws to perform something, even though those laws already exist.

The ultimate & most disturbing change is one which opens a back door to universal criminal background checks. The truth of universal criminal background checks is they desire to hold private sales to exactly the same standard because the licensed gun dealers. In the proposed bill, the authors have changed the language of the existing statute from reading principal objective of livelihood and profit and inserting to predominantly earn a profit. This might look like an insignificant change. However, anyone who now sells an individual gun and makes a profit can be viewed as a gun dealer at the mercy of all of the restrictions and liabilities that go with that distinction. That is extremely concerning since it could have a dramatic influence on lawful individuals who occasionally sell a gun. It would appear that this was devote never to solve the existing problem, but to implement an insurance plan that the gun control community has been struggling to achieve through normal legislative means.

WHEN I stated often while I served in Congress and handled these issues: why is you are feeling good will not always heal you. Ultimately, this bill won’t do what the authors say it’ll. But what it’ll do is take another bite out of our Constitutional rights. I really believe that is clearly a bad trade.


Doug Collins, may be the former Ranking Person in the home Judiciary Committee and the Host of the Doug Collins Podcast.

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