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Dr. Burds Wonder Sprays PRODUCTS is Rolling Out in the U.S.

Dr. Burds Original Wonder Spray, which helps heal wounds, and Skin Rescue, a facial mist that soothes skin inflammation, will soon add more shops in the us.

We have been worked up about expanding our U.S. consumer market, said John Burd, CEO of Wonder Spray LLC, a health and fitness company in NORTH PARK. We’ve two great products that anyone may use.

THE INITIAL Wonder Spray contains Hypochlorous, that is a natural antimicrobial agent within your white blood cells that significantly reduces the bacteria around a wound.

The product is 100 percent natural, gentle and soothing, alcohol-free, and safe for several ages, said Burd, a scientist and biochemist. It works immediately on connection with your skin.

Burd said Original Wonder Spray supports the bodys natural defenses against injuries.

Dr. Burds Skin Rescue Wonder Spray is really a refreshing, hydrating, and soothing facial mist which you can use for a number of skin issues and problems.

It really is an all-natural spray with Hypochlorous that reduces redness, inflammation, and skin irritations, Burd said. Skin Rescue restores your skins natural splendor.

Much like the initial Wonder Spay, Skin Rescue is 100 percent natural and safe for just about any age and in addition for pet odors and skin problems, Burd added. It really is dermatologist approved and contains been clinically studied.

Burd emphasized that his company is expanding its retail network.

We have been ending up in large and small retail chains this month at the ECRMs Vitamin, WEIGHT REDUCTION, and Sports Nutrition Program, Burd said.

ECRM brings buyers and brands with services together for private one-on-one meetings. Buyers attending the ECRM event represent regional and national food, drug, and mass health chains.

We have been seeking to add more retailers later on. You want to make our products accessible to all or any consumers, he added.

To purchasetheOriginal Wonder Spray or Skin Rescue, visit

Disclaimer:The statements made regarding the products haven’t been evaluated by the meals and Drug Administration. This news release is not designed to be a replacement for healthcare advice, diagnosis, or treatment.The news headlines site hosting this news release is not connected with Dr.Burds Wonder Spray. It really is merely publishing a news release announcement submitted by way of a company, without the stated or implied endorsement of the merchandise or service. Please consult with your doctor.

About Dr. Burds Wonder Spay

Dr. Burds Wonder Spray flagship products are Orginal Wonder Spay and Skin Rescue THE INITIAL Wonder Spay can help fight infection, reduce inflammation, and improve your bodys natural capability to heal, and is impressive against an array of ailments. Dr. Burds Skin Rescue can be an all-natural spray that gently cleanses your skin while attempting to calm inflammation, quell redness, and minimize irritation.

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