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Drinking black tea could be connected with lower mortality risk

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A prospective cohort study discovered that drinking black tea could be of a moderately lower mortality risk. The chance was lowest among persons drinking several glasses of tea each day. The findings are published in Annals of Internal Medicine.

Tea is among the most consumed beverages worldwide. Previous research has suggested a link between tea consumptions and lower risk in populations where green tea extract is the most typical kind of tea. On the other hand, published studies in populations where is more prevalent are limited with inconsistent findings.

Researchers from the National Institutes of Health conducted a report to judge the associations of tea consumption with all-cause and cause-specific mortality using data from the U.K. Biobank, where black tea drinking is common. In addition they assessed if the associations differ by usage of common tea additives (milk and sugar), tea temperature, and genetic variants affecting the rate of which people metabolize caffeine. The U.K. Biobank includes data on a half of a million women and men, aged 40 to 69 years, who completed set up a baseline questionnaire between 2006 and 2010. Of these, 85 percent reported regularly drinking tea and of these, 89 percent reported drinking black tea. In accordance with tea nondrinkers, participants who reported drinking 2 or even more cups every day had 9 to 13 percent lower risk for mortality. The associations were observed whether or not participants also drank coffee, added milk or sugar with their tea, their preferred tea temperature, or genetic variants linked to caffeine metabolism.

Based on the authors, their findings claim that tea, even at higher degrees of intake, could be section of a healthy diet plan.

More info: Tea Consumption and All-Cause and Cause-Specific Mortality in the united kingdom Biobank, Annals of Internal Medicine (2022). DOI: 10.7326/M22-0041

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