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DTC skincare brand Truly turns to TikTok to attain Gen Z and millennials through short-form videos

Truly, a direct-to-consumer skincare brand created in 2019, has committed to TikTok to improve brand awareness among its target consumers, Gen Z and millennials, that are spending a growing number of time on the app.

After seeing its products featured on the viral hashtag #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt on TikTok in 2021, Truly made a decision to utilize the hashtag as part of its TikTok online marketing strategy to generate increased traffic to the brands TikTok page.

TikTok is about viral-ability, and Trulys products are thought as viral skincare where the aesthetic bright colored products with swirls, tantalizing scrubs and unique acne patches can simply attract its market, based on the brand. The platform can back that up: the majority of its users are ages 18 to 34, in accordance with TikTok.

We prefer to benefit from this hashtag because we realize that viral social channel can perform wonders for the brand, said Tyler Moore, social media marketing manager at Truly.

As skincare has evolved beyond only a grooming act, millennials and Gen Z are segmented predicated on their skin concerns such as visible pores, acne, dark spots or blackheads and the brand markets in accordance with their interests. We make products that deal head-on with one of these skin concerns, and we dont shy from talking about peoples bodies in an exceedingly real way, said Moore.

Rather than relying on social media marketing influencers, Truly uses real people in its TikTok videos with trends like ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) content to stick out. All content is manufactured by Trulys in-house marketing team. Weve discovered that driving wide-reaching viral content that resonates with customers is possible once you control the creative process and the main element elements to create a creative piece popular, said Moore.

Customers are invited to take part in the brands social communities on TikTok and Instagram, where they are able to share their real feedback about their experiences with the brand and products they will have acquired from Truly. The business ensures all comments are always visible within an effort of transparency.

Between 2020 to 2021, Truly accumulated one million followers on TikTok. For the reason that timeframe, TikToks video upload limit increased from fifteen seconds to 1 minute. To capitalize with this, Truly began to produce long-form videos promoting products through skits and routine videos.

At Truly, we stress the significance of content so having an extended video helps us become more flexible with this article marketing, said Moore.

It really is unclear just how much of Trulys advertising budget is assigned to its marketing strategies, as Moore wouldn’t normally share overall budget specifics. However, in accordance with Moore, 100% of the ad budget is for digital; 90% which is assigned to paid social and paid search such as for example Facebook, TikTok, and Google because they lean on a natural approach. We’ve a heavy concentrate on driving organic traffic through our videos, which have become low cost to create, said Moore. There is absolutely no ad spend data entirely on Pathmatics and Kantar.

You can find other brands in the DTC world which are reaching younger generations by targeting them on social channels where they spend probably the most time. Deux and Sourse are two of the very most recent brands which have taken to social media marketing to attain the demographic.

Rob Jewell, chief growth officer at Power Digital, a tech-enabled growth marketing firm chimed in as he believes that Trulys method of putting real people behind content that viewers can relate with works well. Truly is rolling out a smart online marketing strategy by way of a hype-house type model where they will have a dedicated method of building and testing creative through trends like ASMR that is appealing for consumers to view, said Jewell. It almost feels as though you are exceptional moment yourself.

Alexa Kilroy, head of brand at the program development platform Triple Whale, echoed that sentiment: Its no real surprise that Truly has seen tremendous growth on TikTok. The mix of their spicy product names and likewise to the vibrant colors and unique textures of these products lead to exactly the kind of content that thrives on the platform, particularly with the Gen Z market.

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