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DTC womens health brand looks to create community on Instagram, TikTok

Perelel is really a pre-and postnatalvitamin brand founded by obstetrician-gynecologists four years back to aid womens health. Now, the direct-to-consumer brand is leveraging influencer marketing on Instagram and TikTok to improve brand awareness and share educational content on each stage of womanhood.

Perelel looks to supply women with clean, targeted nutrition products for every distinct stage of these reproductive lives. Are you aware that brands overall advertising strategy, its leaned into influencer marketing, that allows the company to improve brand awareness while reaching women via social media marketing.

Perelel manages influencer relationships through educational programming, live events, product trials, formulation reviews, editorial storytelling along with other efforts. For instance, Perelel aligned with brand partner Cadence to provide a limited-edition GWP Perelel x Cadence capsule, within its 360 technique for PCOS Support via integrated influencer marketing campaigns with focused messaging distributed across multiple channels.

We layered that [influencer marketing] strategy with a co-gifting program that allowed us to attain women beyond our current brand universe who also share our values, Perelel co-founder Alex Taylor said.

Perelel also had longtime partner and well-known PCOS advocate Pia Baroncini, founder of essential olive oil brand Baroncini Import and Co., introduce Perelel to her community. The audience was an excellent fit for Perelel because Baroncini had previously shared posts about her very own PCOS journey.

Perelels approach included giving gifts to existing customers, a lot of whom had previously inquired about PCOS products. We gifted them via an early access program so they can trial and share their experiences across social and our website, which further contributed to organic amplification, Taylor said. Your time and effort led to an 18% upsurge in Instagram and TikTok followers during the last three months, in accordance with Hootsuite data.

It really is unclear just how much Perelel put toward the influencer ad spend, as Taylor didn’t provide specifics, and companies that track ad spending including Pathmatics and Kantar didn’t have figures for the business. In accordance with Taylor, Perelels influencer ad spend was significantly less than 20% of the brands paid technique for this type of product launch.

In Perelels case specifically, their influencers opting for to be unfiltered and say things you typically only hear from good friends. Theyre leaning into relationship marketing.

Jacquie Kostuk, director of creative strategy, FUSE Create

While we assumed the product would likely become more of an increase to a preexisting Perelel pack subscription, said Taylor. We instantly saw that it had been a category creator with clients registering for PCOS Support as a standalone, although some also added on a Perelel pack to perform their purchase.

Stories about womens real-life experiences with Perelel products where they’re candid and transparent in what their health endure could be powerfully relatable, in accordance with analysts. DTC period care brand Viv also tapped into this community, where women are candid about their menstrual cycles.

Partnering with influencers from various disciplines, channels and backgrounds help brands generate trust with consumers. Hearing messages from influencers is comparable to word-of-mouth from the peer in this instance, a virtual one.

In Perelels case specifically, their influencers opting for to be unfiltered and say things you typically only hear from good friends. Theyre leaning into relationship marketing, said Jacquie Kostuk, director of creative strategy at creative agency FUSE Create.

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