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Dwayne Johnson Reveals He Wanted ‘Black Adam’ Separate from ‘Shazam!’

Dwayne Johnson Wanted ‘Black Adam’ Separate from ‘Shazam!’ Comic Nerds Scratch Heads

8/14/2022 4: 18 PM PT

Dwayne Johnson has comic nerds confused after suggesting it’d be wrong to add his DC character alongside another hero in exactly the same movie … without getting their own movie first.

The Rock revealed to Vanity Fair he did just a little lobbying with WB to ensure ‘Black Adam’ will be its standalone film before any potential blending with ‘Shazam!’ — another character played by Zachary Levi, who Adam actually faces off with in the foundation material.

Dwayne Johnson Fought to help keep Black Adam out of Shazam! in order to avoid Performing a Disservice to the type

IndieWire (@IndieWire) August 14, 2022 @IndieWire

VF writes that Black Adam, played by Dwayne, was actually set to stay the initial ‘Shazam!’ movie in 2019, as he was written in to the script because the big bad opposite Levi.

The Rock says when he saw this, though, upon first being approached for the project … he expressed his reservations — recounting, “Once the first draft of the movie found us, it had been a variety of Black Adam and Shazam: Two origin stories in a single movie.”

He adds, “Given that was the target — so that it wasnt a whole surprise. However when I read that, I simply knew in my own gut, ‘We cant get this to movie such as this. We’d be doing Black Adam an unbelievable disservice.’ It wouldve been fine for Shazam having two origin stories converge in a single movie, however, not best for Black Adam.” Dwayne made some calls, and got his way.

DJ doesn’t elaborate on why he thinks it’d be considered a disservice … and that is where in fact the DC fandom is kicking in. To them, it creates complete sense to introduce Black Adam in a ‘Shazam!’ movie — even from the get-go — seeing how BA generally is a known nemesis.

That isn’t what the ‘Shazam!’ films did so far … in both OG/forthcoming sequel, you can find other criminals Shazam is fighting, although Black Adam has been teased. Eventually, they’ll cross paths … but critics think it’s strange Dwayne insisted on having his outing to kickstart things. Frankly, a Carly Simon song is arriving at mind for a few over this.

The argument … The Rock’s ego may be showing by admitting he wanted the type to be larger than WB had, perhaps, initially intended — particularly if he would play him.

Who win In a fight: Black Adam and Superman? @TheRock answers.

Full recap of the #BlackAdam panel here:

Variety (@Variety) July 23, 2022 @Variety

In Dwayne’s defense … all he did was chirp through to what he thought will be best, and clearly Warner thought that has been the proper way to go — seeing how they actually pivoted and did a complete ‘Black Adam’ flick like DJ suggested, that is developing later this fall. And besides, it’s all headed for a large mashup anyway down the road … usually are not cares?

It is also possible WBD now includes a intend to include BA beyond just the ‘Shazam!’ universe — seeing how Dwayne discussed a possible matchup with Superman. And when so … great!

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