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Dwyane Wade Disables Comments On Zaya Wades IG Account

Dwyane Wade isn’t standing for the hate on his daughters social media marketing account anymore! The former NBA superstar announced that hes restricting comments on Zaya Wades Instagram.

Wade made the announcement in a tweet on Thursday after fans inquired about why the comment section on Zayas page was switched off.

Julian King, a musician from Philadelphia, mentioned Wade and his wife Gabrielle Union on Twitter saying, I hate that I cant comment hearts and cute comments on Zaya Wades IG post. As an associate of her community, the LGBTQ community, I wanna lift her up too! @itsgabrielleu @DwyaneWadefix it please.

The former NBA superstar explained that the comment feature have been disabled with regard to Zayas mental health.

For Zayas mental health insurance and privacy weve didn’t permit the hate into her comments. Many thanks for attempting to spread and show her love.

Zaya recently popped from Instagram sporting a complete new lookblown out inches with a lightly beat face. Zayas new photos sparked plenty of conversation online because the teen, who arrived as transgender in 2020, started to present in a far more feminine way.

Regardless of the open love and support that Zaya has received since developing as transgender, the teen has discussed the general public scrutiny and criticism shes faced during the last 2 yrs. Zaya spoke on this issue during an interview with step mom Gabrielle Union for the Dove Self-Esteem Project.

As a trans person, once I arrived, there was plenty of hateful comments about how exactly I will grow my hair out long or match a particular version of femininity, despite the fact that thats incorrect at all. That sort of advice is merely attempting to break you, but dont allow it.

Zaya also revealed the most crucial lesson shes learned from the TAKE IT On star.

Her telling me that not everyone on earth and in the media will probably be truthful in what you appear to be. I dont need to believe everything they state. The one thing I must believe is what Personally i think and what beauty methods to me. I believe concentrating on inner beauty may be the most significant.

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