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EA and Koei Tecmo are partnering on another great hunting game

EA and Koei Tecmo are partnering on a fresh title that theyre describing because the next great hunting game. When I first read that description, my thoughts jumped to Big Buck Hunter, the arcade group of hunting games where you shoot wildlife, but considering the idea art (above), coupled with whos rendering it, Im guessing this game will in actuality be more like Capcoms popular Monster Hunter series.

In a news release, EA and Koei Tecmo describe this new game being an original IP that delivers a really AAA experience located in fantasy feudal Japan. It’ll be produced by Koei Tecmos Omega Force, that is known for the Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors musou action games. And a statement from an EA exec Jeff Gamon says Omega Force is merging their proven talent for combat gameplay with unexpected and innovative mechanics.

Those factors, taken with the hunting game description, suggest if you ask me that the developers are most likely focusing on something with Monster Hunter-style gameplay, where you synergy with other players to remove gigantic monsters. Big Buck Hunter, however, is actually glorified target practice. A spokesperson for EA didnt immediately react to a obtain clarification, so if this does grow to be teasing a Japanese gaming exact carbon copy of Cabelas, Ill update the post to inform you.

Unfortunately, EA and Koei Tecmo didnt share a lot more concerning the game, so we dont know once the game will undoubtedly be released or what platforms it may be on. However, Gamon says that the overall game will undoubtedly be introduced later this month, so we might not have to hold back an excessive amount of longer to find out more.

This new game will carry the EA Originals label, which it has used when publishing indie titles like IT REQUIRES Two and Knockout City.

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