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Ecofibre Launches Green II Gold, a specialist Quality, CBD-Infused Skincare Line for Spas and Salons

NEWS RELEASE Sep 15, 2022 17: 00 EDT

GEORGETOWN, Ky., September 15, 2022 ( – Ananda Health insurance and parent company Ecofibre are excited to announce the launch of Green II Gold, a forward thinking, new CBD-based skincare line. Green II Gold may be the first skincare line formulated from the bottom around pair Ananda Professional’s clinical strength, full spectrum hemp extract with potent botanical-based ingredients to supply professional-level products for spas and salons.

Already the first choice in sustainable, hemp-based tinctures, soft gels, fruit chews, and topicals, Ananda Professional may be the preferred CBD selection of over 4,000 independent pharmacies. Even though many companies repurpose existing tinctures and topicals, Green II Gold is specifically formulated to handle the requirements of licensed spa and salon professionals and their clients. “We wished to you shouldn’t be another CBD company simply jumping in to the skincare category. We have been a specialist skincare company pairing the best quality, CBD-rich extract with other clinically proven ingredients to create innovative and effective products,” says Lora Lassley Vice President of R&D and Product Development. “We’ve unique offerings like our Soothing Massage Oil that transforms from an oil to a velvet cream finish. This eliminates the necessity for a massage therapist to combine products throughout a service and allows your client to leave with silky, soft instead of greasy skin.” Built on the need to increase radiance and reduce redness, Lora notes, “I was inspired to resolve a challenge which has eluded skincare companies for a long time and is really a top concern for both skincare professionals and consumers. Our RX3 Serum has proved exceptional at reducing redness and irritation while restoring the skin’s protective barrier, especially after resurfacing treatments such as for example dermaplaning and micro-needling or hair removal.”

Green II Gold products are certified cruelty free and vegan while utilizing green chemistry and ethical sourcing that align with Ecofibre’s mission to boost the lives of our customers in addition to genuinely improve all of the environments Ecofibre works in. Green II Gold will undoubtedly be available through salons and spas in the usa.

Media please contact:

April McCoy

Vice President of Beauty, Ecofibre Ltd.

Ecofibremay be the leading diversified hemp company worldwide. The business owns or controls critical elements of the worthiness chain in each business, from breeding, growing, and production to sales and marketing. Their value proposition to customers is premium-quality products from vertically integrated, sustainable, and forward-thinking brands. In the usa, Ananda Professional may be the leading pharmacy label for hemp-derived CBD. Furthermore,Ecofibreproduces the highest-quality nutraceutical products for human and pet consumption and skin medications and salves.||

Source: Ecofibre, Ltd

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