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Ed-Tech Startup Lendorse Offers New Study Financing Choices for Non-EU Students

Munich, Germany, September 11, 2022 –(–So far, non-EU students had no usage of study support like Bafg in Germany or similar support schemes. The brand new CHE Studienkredit Test 2022 mentions Ed-Tech startup Lendorse as very interesting, because it targets students from beyond your EU and on students with a migration background. That is “remarkable, because other providers deliberately exclude the mark band of non-EU foreigners,” highlights the CHE.

Lendorse is on the forefront of a fresh financing vehicle called Income Share Agreement. Rather than mortgage loan, the students are repaying a percentage of these income for a set time period after graduation. This solidarity-based concept enables students who’ve a minimal income to cover back less or nothing, while high earners repay more. As well as the financial support, the business offers its clients career advice and support aswell.

Lendorse was founded in 2021 by top-tier business school alumni who had personal experience with emigrating in to the EU.

CEO Bjoern Wolf mentions the companys strong social impact focus, to provide opportunities for several talented students to obtain good education and land a satisfying job no matter their financial means or origin.

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