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Eileen Fisher Steps Down as CEO

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Eileen Fisher is stepping down as CEO of her eponymous fashion brand. Lisa Williams, Patagonias chief product officer, will need on the role in early September.

Fisher will stay mixed up in brands product design, while Williams will lead daily operations, accounting for both sustainable growth and responsible business practices.

Im amid building the blueprint therefore the company reaches a location where it could stand alone, says Fisher. That blueprint speaks to the Eileen Fisher brands sustainable, timeless method of fashion, and also its circular business design. Its time and energy to have another person lead it.

Lisa Williams.

Photo: David Walter Banks

Since launching her brand in 1984, Fisher is becoming among the industrys leading proponents of sustainability, outspoken on fashions role in textile waste and overproduction along with the dependence on a circular supply chain. Eileen Fisher was among the first fashion brands to launch a take-back scheme to market recycling when it introduced its Renew programme in 2009, and also the Eileen Fisher Tiny Factory, where textile waste is upcycled into services. Fisher also heads up the Eileen Fisher Foundation, her companys philanthropic arm, which in July teamed up with sustainable design and technology consultancy firm Pentatonic on a written report on circular fashion models designed to become an open playbook for all of those other industry.

Along with overseeing design, her continued involvement with her company includes assisting to guide branding and messaging. Shell also continue steadily to lead the building blocks, and she plans to keep to advocate for sustainable fashion. I believe of the business as a force once and for all. Thats something Im pleased with, says Fisher.

At Patagonia, Williams was promoted to the role of chief product officer in 2015, where she oversaw the complete lifecycle of Patagonia products from design to production, merchandising and inventory management. In her new role, shell lead the brands forward trajectory as a leader in sustainability while also managing what Fisher considers good growth along with profitability. Delivering appropriate growth inside a circular business design that finds the proper balance between producing and selling new product alongside used and repurposed may be the challenge for all those, says Williams. Eileen Fisher comes with an authentic and very long time passion for conducting business the correct way and todays customers want to aid businesses rooted in responsibility.

Its hard to create sense of [growth] as a sustainable company our values, issues with consumption and overproduction, Fisher says. The needs massive change also to become more sustainable, and I believe with the mix of Lisa and I, the building blocks and the business, theres much more that we can perform to help the.

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