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ELLE Dcoration France Unveil Their NFT Exhibition With SuperRare

SuperRare, the biggest decentralized platform focused on original crypto art, has just announced D3SIGN CAPSULE, as well as ELLE Dcoration France. D3SIGN CAPSULE serves as a method to push the iconic magazine in to the digital future. It includes 16 NFT collections developed by architects and designers in collaboration with digital artists. Through this exhibition, ELLE Dcoration France aims to reimagine the continuing future of design.

Logo for ELLE D├ęcoration France and SuperRare's D3SIGN CAPSULE
Design enthusiasts can view the D3SIGN CAPSULE physically, in Paris, and digitally, on SuperRare.

About ELLE Dcoration Frances D3SIGN CAPSULE exhibition

To celebrate metaverse architecture and design, ELLE Dcoration France asked 16 architects and designers to utilize digital artists to create their visions alive. These works will undoubtedly be exhibited during Paris Design Week, which occurs between 10 and 18 September at the Htel de Soubise. Designer Sam Baron in addition has designed a special scenography that links the classic setting to the D3SIGN CAPSULE works.

A few of the artists also have decided to create a physical project to improve their concept. This is showcased alongside the digital counterpart. It is very important remember that all ELLE Dcoration France projects will undoubtedly be auctioned on a separate SuperRare Space. That is an unbiased gallery on SuperRare that curates, promotes, and sells artworks.

Aboute SuperRare

Established in 2018, SuperRare may be the largest NFT platform specialising in original crypto art. Up to now, it has generated a lot more than $260 million and much more than $150 million earned by artists. It is very important remember that SuperRare is really a user-controlled marketplace. The reason being users who contain the $RARE token govern industry.

SuperRares main mission would be to develop a larger, more transparent and accessible art market free from the influence of centralised companies. Therefore, industry prides itself in being by creatives, for creatives. Recently, SuperRare announced its Cryptoart Couture exhibition. That is currently occurring at the NYC Gallery through the NY Fashion Week and wraps up tomorrow.

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