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Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi’s Life-Altering Love Story

Ellen DeGeneres Accepts 25th PCA With Powerful Message

Can you remember that which was Big in ’04?

Paris Hiltonsaying “That’s hot.” Nick Lacheyand Jessica SimpsonasNewlyweds. Flavor Flav and Brigitte Nielsenas The Surreal Life‘s hottest couple.

None of these things are big anymore, but behind the scenes at VH1’s Big in ’04 Awards something a lot more momentous was brewing.

Dec. 1, 2004, happens to possess been the night time when Ellen DeGeneresran into Portia de Rossiat Los Angeles’ Shrine Auditorium, and de Rossi’s life could not function as same.

Needless to say, neither of these lives would ever function as same, because they are together since, but de Rossi emerged such as a butterfly from her chrysalis, gradually, finally embracing who she was.

TheAlly McBealactresshadn’t been avoiding relationships with women, not since her 1999 divorce from Mel Metcalfe, anyway. (The Australian actress says she married him for the green card, however in the finish she couldn’t bring herself to benefit from their “great, caring relationship.”) Actually, she was in a relationship with writer and filmmakerFrancesca Gregoriniwhen she met DeGeneres.

J. Vespa/WireImage

But as shewould soon admit, as she tottered intothe real-deal spotlightas the partner of 1 of the very most famous openlygay women on the planet, she hadn’t really been living her life completelyout.

De Rossilet photographstaken of her with Gregoriniover the span of their two-year relationship, where they lived for a while together in Vancouver, do the talking on her behalf. But she herselfwould change the topic when interviewers asked if she was gay. She didn’ttalk about this section of her private lifeat all, at the very least not publicly, until she was with DeGeneres.

“I was thinking, Well, individuals who need to find out I’m gay know, and I’m somehow living by example by continuing on with my career and having a complete, rich life, and I’m incidentally gay, but it isn’t a large political platform. I justified it in so many ways,” de Rossi told The Advocate in the summertime of 2005. “Trust me, I had an extremely, lengthy and difficult have a problem with my sexuality.”

She revealed that just days beforehand she had turn out to the final person on her behalf list, her 98 1/2-year-old grandmother in her native Australia, who initially thought she said “Alan,” not “Ellen.”

De Rossi’s grandma lived till 103, loss of life aware of an image from her granddaughter’s 2008 wedding to Alanon her bedside table.

Time Magazine

DeGeneres’public developing, meanwhile, occurred on the April 14, 1997, cover ofTIME magazine, so she was fully alert to just how much of a conversation simply living one’s truth could start.

“She was so courageous therefore loud in ’97, and today she actually is doing a thing that is more subliminal,” de Rossi said admiringly. “She’s changing the planet, she is really, and it’s really exciting to become a section of that.” Sheadded, “It’s hard continuing a relationship that’s public. It’s hard living a life that’s somewhat public, and hard once you put that life as well as someone who is indeed famous therefore loved and admired. It is also real exciting.”

Afterdating Anne Hechefor a couple headline-making years, DeGeneres first met de Rossi in 2000.”I must say i never stopped considering her,”De Rossi recalled to The Advocate, “because I simply haven’t felt that sort of energy with anyone in my own life. So there’s that.”

They saw one another again at an image shoot andDeGeneres”took my breath away,” the Arrested Developmentstarsaid. When they reunited at the Big in ’04 Awards, that has been that.

By the finish of 2005, these were sharing a two-bedroom home in L.A. and parenting three rescue cats. (London’s Evening Standard, reporting in 2004 that Gregorini was devastated by the sudden breakup, said that de Rossi had moved right in with DeGeneres fourteen days following the award show.)

In addition they bought a 120-acre ranch, de Rossi as an avid horseback rider.

“It is the first-time that I’ve known atlanta divorce attorneys cell of my being that I’m with somebody for the others of my entire life,” DeGeneres toldPeople in November 2005. She have been in a relationship with photographer Alexandra Hedisonfor four years before she and de Rossi met up.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

“We were just said to be together,” the still fairly new talk show hostsaid. “It had been a hardcore decision. I was physically getting sick because I was trying not saying anything. THEREFORE I told Alex and she told Francesca. It had been very difficult to uproot everything.”

Gregorini admitted toThe Advocate in 2014 that her breakup with de Rossi was “pretty harrowing. I’ve hardly ever really discussed it, and, I wish to be respectful to all or any the players, and, in all honesty, I’ve definitely made my peacePortia and I are friends, I’m friends with Ellen.”

“Everything proved since it was designed to,” Gregorini added, “nonetheless it definitely, at that time, it was an extremely harrowing experience, because heartbreak is harrowing. Any breakup is merely awful, but to be dragged through the press, while it’s happening, instantly, it’s not at all a picnic. It did make me stronger. I definitely transpired for the count, for a few months there, but, it will be gave me a resolve to choose myself up, and make something of myself, and my entire life…

“We were designed to be together for that time with time, and, and not, and I believe she’s found an excellent partner on her behalf. I believe they’re effectively matched.”

Back the initial days of these relationship, DeGeneres, 64, took a “never say never” method of each of them having kids, though with De Rossi celebrating her 49th birthday Jan. 31, it looks like they are perfectly content as a family group of two.

And also a houseful of animals, needless to say.

They’vebeen doting moms with their various rescue pets (both are dedicated animal lovers and active with related charities), andDeGeneres’ eponymous talk show has been her other baby since 2003though that’s overall by the end of its current season.

“It is the hardest job I’ve ever endured, but it is the most satisfaction I’ve ever endured, so I’m sure it’s like being truly a mother,” DeGeneres told People in 2005, when The Ellen DeGeneres Showwas only in its third season.”It challenges you each day.”

She’s now a 32-time Emmy winnerone prime-time for writing from her 1990s sitcomEllen, and 31 Daytime, including five for Outstanding Talk Show Host before she took herself from the running in 2010.

Rumors abounded that she might step down (or be canceled, in the specific TV sense) prior to the 2020-2021 season amid a study into allegations of a toxic work place behind the scenes atEllen. Ultimately three producers were fired, but DeGeneres vowed to her staffand her audienceto accomplish better and pressed on, eventually setting her exit date for 2022.

“I learned that things happened here that never must have happened,” DeGeneres said on her behalf season 18 premiere in September 2020.”I take that very seriously and I wish to say I’m so sorry to individuals who have been affected…We’ve made the required changes, now we have been starting a fresh chapter.”

Her fans have there been on her behalf, voting hertalk show toE! People’s Choice Awards in 2020 and 2021.

“This means more if you ask me especially now,” DeGeneres told the audience in December. “That is our final season so to all or any individuals who voted also to everyone that I’ve caused for days gone by 19 years, we have been a family. I really like everyone. I’m grateful and many thanks for supporting me for several these 19 years that we have been doing the show and the show has been the best experience of my entire life. I’ve enjoyed just of it.”

Andde Rossi was by her side through everything. (Well, 18 years of it.)

“It broke my heart,” DeGeneres toldPeoplein February 2021of the turmoil surrounding her show. “I couldn’t have been through everything I experienced without her. “It had been a horrible amount of time in my entire life, and she was a rock. She kept me going and tried to greatly help me put things in perspective.”

De Rossi told the magazine, “We’ve grown together as a couple of, and we really consider one another and put our relationship first. By doing that, you feel much more solid. I cannot imagine hanging out with anyone but her.”


Now, celebrating their14th loved-one’s birthday Aug. 16, DeGeneres’ Ellenchapter is behind her, but she and de Rossi still have one another.

“With this particular show ending, that it is a large thing for both folks,” DeGenerestold de Rossi in-may once the host’s spouse visited as a guest going back time, noting they met up during season two, “’cause you’ve watched me proceed through everything with this particular show.”

And subsequently, the show’s audience has been aware of a lot of their milestones as a couple of.

Lara Porzak Photography via WireImage

ON, MAY 15, 2008, following the California Supreme Court struck down a law that barred same-sex marriage, deeming it unconstitutional, DeGeneres announced on the air they were likely to get married. (Same-sex marriage became legal atlanta divorce attorneys state in 2015.)

She and de Rossigot married on Aug. 16, 2008, at their Beverly Hills estate, both wearing Zac Posen for his or her wedding day.

For a long period now, Ellenhas been right up there with Oprah Winfreywhen it comes to no-last-name-needed pop culture titans. And she’s becomequite the Southern California property tycoon, investing a lot more than 20 properties since 2003, including a mansion in LA thatshe and de Rossisoldfor $55 million toNapster co-founderSean Parker in 2014half a year afterbuyingit for $40 million; aBali-inspired homein Montecito they bought in 2019 for $27 million and flipped for $33.3 million another year;anda beach house they owned in Carpinteria for just two years before selling it in 2019 for $23 million to cosmetics mogul Jamie Kern Lima.

IN-MAY 2021, perArchitectural Digest, they re-purchased for $14.3 million Rancho San Leandro, a historic Montecito property they sold a couple of years ahead of Tinder founder Sean Rad for $11 million.Per month laterthey added a modest two-bedroom, midcentury-modern bungalownear Butterfly beach with their portfolio for $2.9 million.

Are you aware that 9,200-square-foot Beverly Hills house where they tied the knot: Ellen sold it to pal Ryan Seacrestfor about $40 million in 2012apparently right from under Jennifer Aniston.

“How’s my home?” Aniston teased Seacrest onE! Live From the Red Carpetat the Golden Globesin 2020, joking that she knewDeGeneresmay be directly behind her and that the comedian was “well aware” of her feelings concerning the house.


Home ownershiphas proved harrowing sometimes: DeGeneres and de Rossi were on the list of a large number of residents who had to evacuate their residence in Montecito once the 2017 Thomas fire blazed through the region coming to becoming the biggest wild fire in California history.

The fires were accompanied by mudslides that left at the very least 20 people dead in the Montecito area.The couple have been back in their house for 10 days if they evacuated again.

Theyexpressed their because of the heroic firefightersalong with other first responders who risked their lives during both disasters.

Speaking withExtrain December 2017about their last-minute change of plans for the holiday season, which they’d planned to invest in Montecito, Ellen put everything into perspective.

“We’ll just lay low and just, you understand, be thankful for having our pets around and Portia’s horses are evacuated and we’re hoping to obtain them someplace soon and it’s really, you know, it requires something similar to this to remember, you know, precisely how fragile life is, and the way you shouldn’t take anything for granted,” she said. “I’m going to be counting my blessings for Christmas.”

Michael Rozman/Warner Bros

Regardless of the (sometimes literal) storms they’ve handily weathered, likeany famous couple, theirsoul-mates-finding-each-other story hasn’t excused them from the annoyances to be in the general public eye. They are the main topic of as much split rumors as anybody, set off by anything as innocuous-seeming as a missed award show or abare ring finger, enough in order that DeGeneres joked about them on her behalf show in 2013.

She said she had beenflipping by way of a tabloid thatput on its cover that her marriage was crumbling, and then discover that article ripped out. “I’ll never know what’s tearing my marriage apart,” she quipped.

However when stories they were going right through a messy split wouldn’t disappear completely, Ellen was compelled to speak out more forcefully in March 2014.

“The simple truth is, which is corny, I fall more deeply in love with Portia on a regular basis. I must say i do,” she insisted to People. “She surprises me at all times. It’s what anyone experiences once you find that person who gets you, really wants to care for you, wants the very best for you personally. We’re really lucky because we realize how rare it really is.”


In 2016 the rumor mill was at it again, prompting DeGeneres to informPeople, “I cannot imagine not being married. I’ve my companion, the person I would like to spending some time with an increase of than anybody else on earth.”

She and de Rossi remained as specialized in one another as ever, she said, plus they readily devote the task that any committed relationship requires.

“Our priorities are one another too,” DeGeneres said. “If we’d kids, then I’m sure they might be, but we have been. And that is important.”

On the ninth loved-one’s birthday, she wroteon Instagram alongside among their wedding photos, “Being her wife is the foremost thing that I’m.”

In 2018, they celebrated the big 10 with fans by sharing never-before-seen pictures and video from their big day.

“A decade ago, Wayne Dyer officiated our marriage ceremony. These words were life-changing to us then, plus they mean as much now,” DeGeneres captioned one post.

“10 years back today, Ellen and I were married,” de Rossi wrote in another. “We wished to share Wayne Dyer’s poignant and special words with one to remind people what lengths we’ve comethat we have been surviving in a country that supports #marriageequality #waynedyer.”

Now with 14 years of marriage in the books, they’re still getting the best time together.

During her last appearance on Ellen, de Rossi informed her wife that, on her behalf next chapter, “Honestly, I simply want one to do something which makes you truly happy. But I wish to ensure that you remain a teacher, because that’s really what you’ve been for everyone…I just feel just like, as part of your, we are in need of love and light and laughterso I am hoping that you keep up to do something similar to that. Like standup, for instance.”

Relatablefrom2018, DeGeneres’ first stand-up special in 15 years, showed she still had the chopsandcracking wise is normally section of the gig wherever she goes.

Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

“Personally i think like you’ve all really reached know me in the last 17 years, I’m an open book,” DeGeneres said in accepting the Carol Burnett Awardat the 2020 Golden Globes. “And I couldn’t did it without my hubby, Mark. Mark, you’re my rock. Many thanks for supporting me through thiscrazyjourney. I understand it wasn’t possible for youor the youngsters. Rupert and Fiona, go to sleep, I really like you…That’s funny, ’cause they’re in college now.”

The area loved it, and de Rossiwho has been paid tribute to from the stage more times than she can countlaughed heartily alongside everybody else.


On David Letterman‘sMy Next Guest Needs No Introductionin 2019, DeGeneres called her wife “fantastic.”

“She’s very, very funny. She makes me laugh, that is important.” When she started planning on her behalf first stand-up special in over 15 years, the comedian said, de Rossi was entirely supportive and also gave her notes after each performance.

Are you aware that splitrumors, DeGeneres thought we would view them in a confident light.

“The divorce rumors came and we really knew the perceptions had changed,” she told Letterman. “I’m not kidding. I understand it sounds ridiculous, however when that started happening, I thought, ‘Oh, now we’re finally accepted.’ We obtain the same s–t as every celebrity couple.’

“I thought, ‘Wow, that is great that I’m pregnant, not pregnant, divorced, not divorced, whatever. Which means there’s an acceptance because of this.”

(Originally published Jan. 24, 2018, at 6 a.m. PT; updated on Aug. 16, 2019, at 3 a.m. PT)

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