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Elton John: How I acquired Britney Spears to sing again following a traumatic time

August 26, 2022 | 9: 03am

Britney Spears is back at the top of the charts because of the support of her friend Elton John.

In a fresh interview, the legendary Rocket Man detailed how he got the Princess of Pop to come back to the studio for the very first time in six years and because the end of her conservatorship to record their duet, Hold Me Closer.

Shes been away such a long time theres plenty of fear there because shes been betrayed so often and she hasnt really experienced the general public eye officially for such a long time. Weve been holding her hand through the entire process, reassuring her that everythings gonna be fine, John told The Guardian.

Im so excited to have the ability to take action with her because if this is a big hit, and I believe it might be, it’ll give her a lot more confidence than shes got already and she’ll recognize that people actually love her and look after her and want her to be happy. Thats all anybody within their right mind would want after she experienced this type of traumatic time.

Britney Spears
Hold Me Closer is Spears first single since 2016.
Getty Images

John explained that following the success of his 2021 single with Dua Lipa, Cold Heart, he started brainstorming ideas for another fun, happy summer record when his husband, David Furnish, said it might be wonderful for Britney Spears to accomplish it.

John, 75, agreed it might be advisable, having been a fan of Spears, 40, for a long time.

She just released incredibly brilliant records, he raved. She sang and danced so beautifully.

John made a decision to get in touch with test the waters, and he was thrilled when Spears jumped at the chance to interact.

As Page Six exclusively reported, the Toxic singer recorded her elements of the Tiny Dancer remix at producer Andrew Watts Beverly Hills studio in July.

She was so prepared. She had spent time with the record and knew how she wished to take action, Watt, 31, told The Guardian. Shes unbelievable at layering her voice and doubling, that is among the hardest things you can do. She really pushed herself, vocally. Shes so excellent at knowing when she got the proper take. She took complete control.

Britney Spears and Elton John
Spears and John have already been friends for a long time.
Getty Images for EJAF

John was equally impressed.

She sang fantastically, he gushed. Individuals were saying they dont think she can sing anymore. But I said, she was brilliant when she started therefore i think she can. And she achieved it, and I was so thrilled using what she did.

The collaboration struck a chord for John, who, like Spears, has handled various struggles in the spotlight.

Britney was broken. I was broken when I acquired sober. I was in an awful place, said the Im Still Standing singer, who’s now 32 years clean. Now Ive got the knowledge in order to advise people and help them because I dont desire to see any artists in a dark place.

John hopes Hold Me Closer is merely the initial taste of a comeback for Spears, who continued a work strike in 2019 that ultimately resulted in freedom from her estranged fathers control.

Rehabilitation is this type of wonderful thing for those who, John said. Im just crossing my fingers that will restore her confidence in herself to obtain back to the studio, make more records and recognize that she actually is bloody good.

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