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Emerging Singer-Songwriter Rebecca Turmel Unveils Much-Anticipated Video ON HER BEHALF Acclaimed Debut Am I Missing Something

On the heels of the successful release of her debut single Am I Missing Something, New Hampshire singer-songwriterRebecca Turmelhas revealed that she unveiled the accompanying video in fact it is currently available at the song as you that expresses vulnerability, love, and loss, she says the video (made by Anthony Riso)showcases the reflective state she was in when writing the track.

The video was primarily shot in exactly the same field I took the picture at for the cover art, but it addittionally includes the storyline of an enchanting relationship right from the start to endincluding the aftermath of the betrayal I discuss in the song, said Turmel.

Am I Missing Something, that is the initial of an accumulation of indie-folk and acoustic-pop songs to be released by Turmel this season, is her most emotionally-driven single and the toughest to create. Yet, based on the artist, additionally it is the most important as it ‘s the reason she transitioned right into a recording career.

I tried writing music several times before, but I never felt I had something sufficient to record. Then, I wrote this song and I knew it had been time and energy to finally venture in to the studio, she said. Not merely did this song bring me in to the studio, it sparked the beginning of an essential relationship with my recording career. This song will be special if you ask me.

The effect is really a melodically-driven, ethereal song that aches with authenticity and honesty and showcases Turmels voice flawlessly. She also performs guitar on the track while renowned multi-instrumentalist Chris Decato plays piano and strings and esteemed singer-songwriter Jim Yeager plays bass. Yeager also produced the single alongside Vincent Freeman, who recorded and mixed it at The Underground in Randolph, VT.Am I Missing Something was mastered atby Michel Doucet at Mitch-Audio.

In accordance with Turmel, she just wantsfans to eliminate some form of healing from hearing her music, which explains why she cant wait release a additional singles.

Whether knowing they’re not by yourself in what they go through or assisting to provide them with the strength to sit making use of their feelings and address them. Life is problematic for everyone sometimes and even though we experience it differently, you can find commonalities in what we proceed through which is how exactly we can connect to each other. I’d like that bridge of link with maintain my music, she said. I’d like my listeners in order to put themselves into my songs/stories and relate with it so that it allows them to help expand think about their very own experiences guiding them to an improved place mentally.

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