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Epiphany Delivers Essential Vulnerability Context with New Decision Intelligence Center Feature

YOUR CHOICE Intelligence Center enables security teams to comprehend the context and impact of these exposure and take immediate action to avoid material impact

Epiphany Systems, the Exposure Management company, rolled out the brand new Decision Intelligence Center feature. This new capacity for the Epiphany Intelligence Platform provides valuable insight and enables customers to better and effectively address vulnerabilities within their environment.

The original method of vulnerability management results in information overload and overwhelming manual effort for security analysts. Vulnerabilities are identified and shared alongside basic details, but information crucial for effective prioritization and decision-making is missing. Security teams are forced to get effort and time to analyze and interpret the potential ramifications of the vulnerability and its own effect on their security posture.

YOUR CHOICE Intelligence Center supplies the full context and potential impact of vulnerabilities in the surroundings to empower security teams to efficiently prioritize and effectively address issues to reduce exposure. YOUR CHOICE Intelligence Center enables organizations to comprehend why confirmed vulnerability matters within their environment at confirmed moment. It addresses crucial questions like if the vulnerability has been actively targeted by threat actors, or whether there’s an attack path which could allow a threat actor to compromise a crucial system.

Epiphany is targeted on identifying all attack paths within an environment and providing customers with the insight and guidance to prioritize the attack paths with the best prospect of material impact, explained Rob Bathurst, co-founder and CTO of Epiphany Systems. Organizations have to shift the direction they consider security. Instead of answering Are we susceptible to this? they have to understand Is this exploitable and what would the impact be?. That’s what we have been solving with your choice Intelligence Center.

This new capability provides security teams with crucial insight to comprehend everything they have to find out about a vulnerability to create effective decisions and do something. Delivering all necessary context in a single spot to help security teams know in case a vulnerability is exploitable, if it’s being actively targeted, just how many affected devices are section of attack paths, CVSS scores, what Epiphany thinks of the vulnerability, along with other details gives security teams the info they have to effectively allocate resources and address the problems that matter most.

The attack surface is increasingly complex, and the threat landscape continues to expand. Security teams are stretched thin and need actionable intelligence that helps them manage their exposure efficiently, said Dan Singer, co-founder and CEO of Epiphany Systems. We have been giving customers the entire context of not merely the adversarys view and how exploitable confirmed vulnerability could possibly be when it comes to causing a direct effect, but also the business enterprise perspective of why they ought to care about a particular vulnerability on confirmed system. Why as long as they care about that certain vulnerability on that certain system?

YOUR CHOICE Intelligence Center capability can be acquired now for Epiphany Intelligence Platform customers. Visit our website for more information concerning the Epiphany Intelligence Platform and the way the Decision Intelligence Center will help you implement a highly effective continuous threat exposure management program.

About Epiphany Systems

Epiphany Systems may be the Exposure Management company, enabling customers to reduce contact with material risk. The Epiphany Intelligence Platform harnesses the energy of existing infrastructure and security tools to automatically and continuously determine probably the most likely attack paths and offer the context and clarity to proactively reduce the chances of probably the most critical threats to a business. Epiphany helps customers know the possible, detect the exploitable, prioritize the exposure, and stop the material impact.

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